155. Angles

As you can see, plenty of angles here….since I took this in the evening there was tons of noise.  I added a texture from another image I took to hide some of the noise…


~ by Tammy on August 19, 2010.

28 Responses to “155. Angles”

  1. It looks like a drawing, or rather, a watercolor painting. Good editing. Great work Tammy!

  2. Now, this is one super pic. What you did with it to texturize it is simply fantastic.

  3. Hi Tammy,
    I love this picture! It looks like an old time Ferris Wheel I rode as a child. Oooop, told my age. Oh well. Have a great day!


  4. So this is what they mean when they say that Tammy hangs around in concentric circles. Great sketch!

  5. Great choice to texturize. It looks just like the ferris wheel I photographed earlier this year. Funny if it were the same one!

    • It could have been…they were putting it up in Winter Park, CO for the upcoming Mountain Bike Faire….wish I could have stayed longer…it looked like it could be a bunch of fun!

  6. this looks great, I have to learn how to use textures

  7. Nice results, on occasion I have added a texture when noise was a problem and you have done this well….IDK it kind of gives it a comic book effect.

  8. Neat trick to fix noise! This came out great.

  9. I loved this for the C.C. A fine way to deal with noise and your textures give such a warm nostalgic feel. Great image!.

  10. This turned out great!! I want to climb on for the ride.

  11. A creative way to turn a problem into an asset! the texture and the green tone allow the graphic elements of the Ferris wheel to dominate the photo.

  12. great garphic tone o this one and…after a while I realized the theme….sometimes the brain does not work so fast 😉

  13. good work at background.congrats

  14. Nice!! It looks like a painting. I really like this.

  15. I like exactly like this! It seems a little antiquey. I really like it!

  16. I love this one, Tammy! The texture adds so much mood and character to the photo. This is a winner!

  17. Great choice on the creative processing. I think a short tutorial on adding texture is in order (hint-hint) as there seems to be a lot of interest.

  18. Absolutely fabulous! The texture is super.

  19. such a lovely macro of this butterfly, what camera and lens do you use?

  20. Fortunately the toe nails are clean too, lol !
    Beautiful butterfly !

  21. A clever trick to hide the noise. The result is really good. Love it.

  22. I love the texture and color of this photo!

  23. This is a fantastic image. I love the idea of masking a “noisy” photo with some texture. I had problems producing sharp images during my vacation to Norway using my daughter’s Canon Rebel. You’ve inspired me to salvage some of the images. Thank you!

  24. The textures and colors make this an outstanding image. Beautiful.

  25. I love your processing and the use of texture on this photo – also the lacy delicacy of the ferris wheel.

  26. and he’s the lucky guy huh? he’s very handsome!

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