154. Fancy


~ by Tammy on August 18, 2010.

17 Responses to “154. Fancy”

  1. Beautiful! I love how vivid the purple is!

  2. One of my favorite flowers! Lovely shot too…

  3. That is such a unique flower! I have never seen one. Nature sure knows how to combine colors… and you have captured her artistry perfectly.

  4. Hi Tammy,
    That is a very pretty flower. What is it? Have a great day!


    • We do not have these in Nebraska either…the sign said it was a Colorado Columbine….isn’t it beautiful?

  5. I love columbine! Very pretty in these colors!

  6. Ah Royal Smellies, do they have bouquet to go with that Bokeh?

  7. A gorgeous columbine! Love the depth of field and the wonderful color. I always love your macros, Tammy!

  8. Columbine! I love these flowers, and the deep purples you captured are especially nice.

  9. Beautiful columbine, such a lovely shade of purple.

  10. Living in Colorado for many decades before we retired to the coast, I had a few columbine in my back yard [it’s the state’s flower]….these are beautiful.

  11. such a pretty shot!

  12. How beautifully shot. They are late blooming up high I guess. I’m pretty sure the Colorado columbine is a parent for the many cool varieties you can buy.

  13. Such lovely cool colors!

  14. You captured that flower beautifully, Tam! Your colors are so vibrant and I love the DOF focusing on the flower. Kudos.

  15. Nice depth of field creating that wonderful soft background to bring all the attention to the blooms. I alwasys thought that columbine were rather magical when I stumbled upon them in the woods.

  16. The lavendar colors and the bright green background make for a beautiful image.

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