153. In Shadow

We tried so hard to find a picnic table in the shade, but this was the best we could do….we were all fighting on who got to sit in the shadows!  LOL


~ by Tammy on August 17, 2010.

24 Responses to “153. In Shadow”

  1. Dive in the water, come bck to the table dry off back in the water, what could be better, Shadow Shmaddow!

  2. Who won??????

  3. It makes a delightful photo. Love it!

  4. Hi Tammy,
    Great shot! I can see the argument for this. Not much shade there. Love the Marmot pictures. Have a great day!


  5. What a beautiful scene, it looks so quiet.

  6. Nice view point. Beautiful photo as always.

  7. It looks like the place to be! Nice!

  8. A beautiful spot and so near the water.

  9. I’ll bet if you sat there long enough it would be in the shade.

  10. I was browsing through your posts, the photos are just so great I have to say WOW

  11. You could sit under the table… 😉

    Pretty lake. Still in the Rockies?

  12. Not much of a shadow but one heck of a view!

  13. Too funny! Maybe you could drag it to more shade?

  14. Looks like a nice spot.

  15. Very inviting! Love the musk rats too.

  16. Still a great place, you’re next to the water, what else would one want? Smiles

  17. Fantastic image. So inviting and to see the water beyond the trees, glorious! Autumnal colours that makes me think of foraging for wild mushrooms etc. Like it a lot.

  18. I like the contrast of shapes and angles in this one, Tammy! Great exposure on a tough shot, too! Nice.

  19. Beautiful shot!
    You could have done 5 min for each one in the shade, but not sure if that shade was worth fighting over 😉

  20. gosh that looks a bit close to the edge!

  21. How inviting! A fine job of exposure, sun and shadow like that I find really tricky.

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