152. Marmot Love (Macro Monday)

I was amazed by all of the muskrats we saw up in the mountains….they are kinda cute!


~ by Tammy on August 16, 2010.

31 Responses to “152. Marmot Love (Macro Monday)”

  1. He is cute but I’m not sure about the ID. Muskrats have rat-like tails, I think….

  2. Heheheee They really are cute… great shots!

  3. Great details. He’s so cute!

  4. Yes I would definitely say a Marmot – here is a very similar photo:
    http://www.rockymountainnationalpark.com/images/marmot_on_specimen_mountain_1.html and they live in mountainous areas!

    Great shots!

  5. They are kinda cute. 🙂 He looks pretty friendly too, but I think I’ve heard they aren’t.

  6. Definitely a member of the weasel clan, which one did you call Ron?? If Julie is right, that top one was very brave as I have read that Marmots are only second to Wolverines for ferocity, why don’t you go out and try and get a close-up of a Wolverine???? I Love all animal shots and out in the Wild is Tops with me.

    • I called them all “Ron” LOL I am glad I didn’t know they were mean b4 I took the pics!

  7. Thanks Val & Julie….a marmot makes me even more happy, never seen one of those up close! 🙂

  8. cute fellow with thick lovely fur. I wonder about the size, look quiteig on those photos with nothing as reference 😉

  9. Wonderful details, Tammy, especially in the fur. People have been known to keep these little animals as pets.

  10. we don’t have animals like this in the UK – never seen anything like this before.

  11. Never seen them in real, the furry body is real cute.

  12. There eyes are were cute. But Idon’t want to meet many of them !
    Have a nice wedensdy

  13. Gorgeous shot!

  14. They are adorable!

  15. I just love those pictures! Great job!

  16. Tammy you excel at the animal shots!

  17. I’m not sure I’d use the word “cute” for this critter…but I love the closeup, where on can see every distinct hair it its dense coat of fur.

  18. They are too cute! Great shots 🙂

  19. I like the detail in that first shot – he’s a cutie.

  20. Love all the marmots. Did they whistle at you?

  21. I have a similar picture of a marmot posing on a rock that I took in Colorado about 15 years ago. Nice of them to cooperate.

  22. Oh , how cute they are 🙂
    Great shots you been taking on them !

  23. I hear we have lots of these in the Sierra Nevadas as well. They are kind of cute. Nice capture and processing of the furry guys!

  24. Very cute! I really like all the shots. The only on the rocks I want to caption I’m King of the Hill. 🙂

  25. That should say – the ONE on the rocks. OOPS. 🙂

    And many thanks for your visit. 🙂

  26. These are wonderful! They always seem happy somehow. Maybe because they live in amazing landscapes. You truly shine at critters in or out of the captivity!

  27. I’ve never seen one of those guys up close – fun photos!

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