148. Darkness

As the sun went behind the mountains, darkness fell upon our cabin in Estes Park, Colorado…


~ by Tammy on August 11, 2010.

13 Responses to “148. Darkness”

  1. I like the mystery implied by the darkness of this photo. The light in the distance is wonderful.

  2. Looks like a great place.

  3. What a great spot! Perfect little hideaway! I am always entranced with the way darkness comes so quickly when the sun moves behind a mountain.

  4. The distant mountains look like a water colour painting. Great Dusk shot

  5. Beautiful, Tammy. The gorgeous sky really sets off the dark cabin and the porchlight. So much mood here. Very cool and great processing.

  6. beautiful dreamlike photo with great color. What a wiew from that cabin, I want to go there!

    • You would love it there, you need to go at least once in a lifetime! 🙂 I tell you what, I’ll switch places w/ you LOL

  7. What a view! You’re not in Nebraska anymore, Dorothy! 😀

  8. A gorgeous picture. The sky is beautiful and the sun on the mountains is perfect. I love how you go from the dark cabin to the last rays of sun.

  9. A nice hideaway with a spectacular view. I like the way the sun is hitting the distant mountains.

  10. That’s a view to cherish! I like the perspective of including the cabin, even though it is in the dark, in the photo. Makes it feel very secluded.

  11. beautiful scenery!

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