145. Extreme Close Up

The flowers in Colorado were just beautiful!  Don’t ask me what kind of flower this is….I don’t have a clue, but wow, was the center of the flower gorgeous!


~ by Tammy on August 8, 2010.

34 Responses to “145. Extreme Close Up”

  1. Very beautiful Tammy! Love the softness but yet it looks like it could be a little prickely as well.

  2. This is a fabulous macro shot!! So much detail and even a drop of water.

  3. That seems a bit reminiscent of the Passionfruit flower a little,

  4. Looks like a poppy to me…pretty sure. Regardless, nice shot.

  5. Not able to identify it but it’s like a burst of sunlight! Very pretty. The center shape reminds me of a barrel cactus, only with a fuzzy top. Great detail, shadows, and even a drop of water!

    Thanks for your visit and comment on my Macro Monday photo. =)

  6. Nice details and light!

  7. The shadows within are wonderful!
    The center reminds me of a poppy.

  8. Nice – the shadows add to the interest, don’t they?

  9. Beautiful close-up

  10. Pretty….I bet with all the rains they’ve been having in the 4 corners area of the states this past month, the flowers in the deserts and mountains of Colorado are stupendous.

    My Macro is Nautical And I also added a bit about a new meme I’m inviting everyone; if you’d like to join in on the challenge. Come over and find out what day on which it will take place….join me?

    Hope your Monday is treating you well.

  11. this is very pretty

  12. A world away from my boiled egg! lol! This is why I love blogging – it brings diversity of culture and countries straight home to each of us don’t you think?

  13. Gorgeous!

  14. Niiice shot!

  15. At least he has no problems in the traffic ! What a proud animal !

  16. Faboulous macro!

  17. looks very nice and by how the center of it looks my guess is that it is some kind of poppy

  18. Beautiful!

  19. I agree, the center is very beautiful.

  20. That is a lovely photo. I like how you can ignore the bigger flower and focus on the details.

  21. A beautiful macro shot, sue,x

  22. What a beautiful macro and a beautiful flower. Thanks for commenting my blog. 🙂

  23. Reminds me of an Arizona barrel cactus.

  24. lovely shot!

  25. Its the same for me, I have often not a clue of the flowers namen.
    But I can se what is beatiful 🙂

  26. Great close-up, very sharp!
    Thanks for the visit; I think your elk looks hungrier!

  27. Great close-up, very sharp!
    Thanks for the visit; I think your elk looks hungrier!
    I got an error, said I’d said this already…

  28. So many lovely little dancers in the canter of that flower. :0)

  29. A fabulous bee’s eye view, so much fine detail of the sexy bits (sexy in a flowery way of course!)

  30. M A G N E T I C
    Alluring Details
    Me Hearts 🙂

  31. What a wonderful wild flower! Looks like a ballet dancer’s skirts!
    White flowers are hard to capture and you did a great job of catching all of the details and colors.

  32. Great detail – it just glows! And over 30 comments too – this one really spoke to a lot of viewers.

  33. Beautiful composition and love the warm color!

  34. I like that one drop of water.. and the shadows of the stamen (? not sure of my flower parts) and the pretty pistil (?) in the middle. Nice.

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