143. Strange

I had never seen a cannibal chipmunk….


~ by Tammy on August 6, 2010.

20 Responses to “143. Strange”

  1. Strange indeed Tammy, nice capture.

  2. Gross… but amazing that you caught it so clearly.

  3. Um…yuck??

    Quality is nice but subject…not so soon after breakfast. 😛

  4. Okay, I had to google it, and chipmunks do eat parts of animals. They sometimes do eat other chipmunks, but I suppose that they find dead animals. Wow! Learn something new every day.

  5. If you’ve ever had hamsters you find out they eat everything. They love the plastic habitats that their kept in they love the new born babies. Theirs not yours.

  6. I thought it looked like he was grooming his tail, but you wouldn’t lie to us – Would You????

  7. That’s gross but you got some great shots!!

  8. Maybe he is bound for stardom, he knew it was his lucky day and maybe that is his lucky rabbit foot? Ok maybe not. Its a great shot, you got every hair on his cannabalistic little head.

  9. What great icky detail. I just assumed they were vegans. They are just fluffy tailed big eyed rodents I guess.

  10. Great capture of this cutie, I wish I had some of those nearby

  11. Creepy, but a rather unique capture!

  12. Yes, some species are cannibals. Usually they eat up someone who has died from his art. Great caiures. Have a nice weekend

  13. I wouldn’t have believed it but for your great image.

    I don’t imagine Disney will be using this image as inspiration for their Chip ‘n’ Dale cartoons…

  14. When your hungry, your hungry…..nice capture!

  15. Gross – but a great capture! A real conversation pice.

  16. Well… I’m looking at my resident chipmunks in a new light after seeing your images! I’m astonished at this behaviour in them, had NO idea!

    Very interesting great captures Tammy.

  17. Ew! I had no idea! I have seen chipmunks grieve before, but never eat each other – ew!

  18. Now that just adds validity to my daughter’s opinion that Chipmunks are Evil.

  19. I don’t quite know what to say! 😉

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