142. Wet

This little duckling just jumped in the lake and took a swim even at the dismay of mom!  She was not a happy camper!


~ by Tammy on August 5, 2010.

14 Responses to “142. Wet”

  1. How sweet! He was showing off for you. I like the ripples and the way they show motion.

  2. LOve the way you’ve captured the sense of determined forward momentum.

  3. Where are his water wings? Truly great capture. It just makes you route for him to make it back to mom.

  4. So cute!!!

  5. A duckling’s gotta do, what a Duckling’s gotta do Pilgrim! BTW Tammy would you check with Julie on what the :International Committee for Pilfering Ideas” has got to say about your downright Plagarism of my duckling shot, Eh Willya, eh Willya, Bloody Nebraskans

  6. Rebellious already….good luck mom!

  7. This is a definite cutie.

  8. Very independent duckling!! Love the ripples in the water.

  9. what a cute duckling with a mind of it’s own 😉 You captured the movement in the water great!

  10. I have a real soft spot for ducklings, they are one of Nature’s sweetest babies. Lovely image Tammy!

  11. What a cutie!! Must be the rebel of the bunch! Love the water ripples that show he is really truckin’.

  12. She’s darling! I didn’t think baby ducklings ever disobeyed their mama. 🙂

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