135. Fantasy

Go ahead, give him a kiss……he could be your prince (or princess)….


~ by Tammy on July 21, 2010.

11 Responses to “135. Fantasy”

  1. You tell US Syster, you kissed him to turn him/her into that!

  2. Um…no thanks…but nice shot!

  3. great phot it is an almost not recognisable one but I don’t know about kissing it. Why don’t you try and show us the result ? 😉
    Very nice composition

  4. Certainly camouflages well! Almost missed him….guess it’s time for glasses.

  5. I love how he hides with the colors! No thanks on the kiss!

  6. Very cool that his head and body match the scene, I’ll pass too on the kiss.

  7. I already found my prince so I think I’ll leave him for someone else. :0) You have good eyes, he was doing a great job of trying to blend it.

  8. Very handsome indeed! And a nicely done photo.

  9. Gee, such a great demonstration of camouflage at work. At first I didn’t even see the frog! Nice job.

  10. Like the way his foreground is a different green than the rest of him. Remarkable powers of camoflage. Very nice composition! But, we’ll let you do the kissing. LOL

  11. Very cool – I almost didn’t spot him hiding there.

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