132. Blur

Whenever Bogy is in a picture it usually turns out like this….his tail always wags so fast that we swear he is a fan!


~ by Tammy on July 16, 2010.

19 Responses to “132. Blur”

  1. I read tail signals! It says I can’t wait till they change the law so it is legal to eat photographers.

  2. So cute! Our neighbor has a dog who looks like Bogie and her tail is just like that when she sees Hamish! Puppy love!

  3. What a lovely capture! And a good one for the theme, too. I like the way you posed them with the other “critters”. And, they’re both looking at you! No easy feat!

  4. OMIG this is cute, how did you ever get them to stay put! Pick a cuddle-bunnie…

  5. This photo is E. T. adorable!! Love that blurred tail.

  6. Love the sharpness and the cooperation of the pooches.

  7. That’s a riot!!

  8. This is such a precious photo, Tammy. It looks like ET, That little tail wagging is so sweet.

  9. LOL – how funny, and I like their friends too.

  10. Precious! How else would we know that he is real?

  11. Hoe sweet! He looks like a wind-up toy.

  12. Too cute. Great that you managed to get the both looking at you.

  13. This is just so cute!

  14. Adorable! His tail looks like a ghost! lol

  15. LOL, so cute!!!

  16. Awww, cute!! And let me say it’s a far, far better pet portrait with that wagging blur of a tail, than if it were ‘picture perfect’ and 100% sharp! Each time you look at that, you’ll remember his zest for life, and his happy personality!

  17. What a group! Such a cute portrait and that tail!! Great choice for the theme!

  18. So much fun – love that tail blur. This looks like the scene from ET – will the real creature please stand up?

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