128. Red

This morning I saw 4 separate red birds and was lucky enough to capture them….they are all not the best, but hey….they are RED!  Cardinals and a purple finch coming your way…


~ by Tammy on July 12, 2010.

25 Responses to “128. Red”

  1. Amazing you saw all those red birds in one day. I especially like the shot of the female cardinal – she’s looking at you like she’s expecting a better quality seed or something!

  2. So much fun to see the cardinals! We’ve got a pair out back, but they never stay put long enough for me to take a photo.

  3. I would like some of those red birds to brighten up my garden. right now noisy magpies with youngsters wakes me up early…..

  4. Lucky you, you capture them. I don’t have a good shot with them yet. Thanks for sharing!

    A fly

  5. I agree with Karen B they never stay put. The female cardinal in the top left looks to me like she’s saying are you going to take that picture — I don’t do this for many people! Great shots Tammy!

  6. Sally says thank you for letting us peek through your window on a Red Letter (bird) day! Those two on the left are outstanding, but the luck of four in one day needs to be celebrated and you have done a good job of celebrating your fortune.

  7. Defintely red! LOve the collage.

  8. Nice to see these pretty birds. Some of them look a little wet. Did they romp in the sprinkler before coming to visit you?

    • It is STILL raining here…rained most of the day today. It seems the cardinals like the rain…I always see tons when it is raining and hardly any when it is hot and sunny!

  9. I like to try to capture birds, but most of mine don’t turn out nearly this good. 😉

  10. Oh, my , these are fantastic shots!! love those red birds!!

  11. Hi Tammy,
    Great shots of the cardinals! They look really hungry. Have a great day!


  12. I love the red birds in the mosaic like this! My guess is your little finch is a house finch, they sure are bright this time of year. 🙂

  13. Nice captures, Tammy! Love the first cardinal one the best! Love your feeder. Super presentation of the quad of photos!

  14. Fantastic captures. And the window framing them is great. Love the first one, is that a Cardinal? He looks so curious.

  15. Gorgeous bird! Wonderful capture!

  16. Lovely collage!

  17. You are a fine birder!! These are great.

  18. Nice collage, cardinals make for great subjects.

  19. These are so fine! I especially love the female cardinal and her pose.( and the very cool feeder

  20. A great storyboard. Each picture is a great detailed shot.

  21. Super! I like that bird in the upper left, what a great expression you captured there.

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