127. Macro Monday

It’s a bug’s life!


~ by Tammy on July 11, 2010.

38 Responses to “127. Macro Monday”

  1. Is that the same WoW Bug that Karen snapped, reporting in to you, these WoW spies sure get around, and smart getting me to comment on a smelly thing just by getting Louie The Blow Fly to land on it!

    • Inspiration from Terri, Clara and Karen…I am in awe of their fantastic shots! 🙂 I am learning that it is ok to shoot those “smelly” things w/ other objects in the pictures…I’m just taking que from your bird and “smelly” thing shots!

  2. great macro capture.

  3. Both shots are lovely. I especially like the transparency and colors of the first.

  4. OH!I love that dragonfly shot. Just awesome!

  5. Oooh – Ron is right, it is the same dragonfly. He got to your neck of the woods quickly! I love the imperfections in the flower petals and the way that fly becomes the centerpiece.

  6. Both of these are terrific. I really like the bottom one because it is so unique… and as Karen says, the bug (what is it? a bee or a fly?) is right in the center.

  7. You were really on with the bug photos. I feel lucky just to get one.

  8. Great job, yours look great. Aren’t they the coolest little bugs.

  9. Wonderful clarity and composition in these images.

  10. Wow – look at the lacy wings on that dragonfly!
    Wonderful shots!

  11. Great macro shots!

  12. Very nice bugMacros. We seem to have lots of those all over right now. Here it’s goodlooking ones as well as those who bite, ouch!

  13. Beautiful. Love Macro

  14. fantastic macro shots.
    i’m always amazed by dragonflies.

  15. Love the dragon fly. Great macro shots.

  16. Neat insect photography! Love the second one.

  17. Wow! The ones I try for never stay still!

  18. Two wonderful captures!

  19. I love dragonflies – fascinating beasties. I’m surprised the flower in your second lovely shot didn’t break under the weight of its visitor 🙂

  20. Hi Tammy,
    Awesome shots! The wings on the dragonfly are so delicate. Have a great day!


  21. Bugs only look nice in Micro shots, lol !

  22. Great finds! It’s so nice that little creatures love flowers, we always know where to find them. :0)

  23. Now those are some gossamer wings! I’ve been trying to capture a blue dragonfly all week but it won’t stay still.

  24. Great macros! The bee looks regal to me, and the dragonfly is exquisite.

  25. You are my favorite wildlife photographer. The dragonfly is just incredible.

  26. I love the dragonfly. Great Macro shot!!

  27. Unbelievable shots – especially the lacy wings of the dragonfly.

  28. wonderful photos but I especially love the dragon fly one.

  29. Stunning captures! I just love the first image!

  30. Wow! The dragonfly is my favorite! What detail in those wings! Is that a bee on the marigold? You really do a great job on these macros!

  31. Very pretty ~~ I have a new found LOVE of bugs. What neat creatures they are – especially when you view them “close up”.

  32. your macro is mind-boggling fantastic!!!

  33. I’ve been after one of those guys for a long time with no luck!! You macroed them perfectly!!

  34. Wow!! Not much I can add here. :). Love how you caught all that detail in the wings of the dragonfly. And the colors in the second shot. Both are very impressive.

  35. There isn’t much to add to the well deserved praise so I’ll just say ditto!

  36. All of the above. Two fabulous shots.

  37. Agree with everyone else. Two awesome shots

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