125. Fragile

Make a wish and blow….

The next image is using Terri’s solarize filter technique…


~ by Tammy on July 7, 2010.

19 Responses to “125. Fragile”

  1. These are wonderful! I like them all but I especially love the colorized version.

  2. I did, but all that happened was the colour changed, and to think you whinged when I used Pseudi HDR to change photos into paintings. I NEVER turned white into Purple! LOL

  3. Love this series. By the way I never complain about the heat because it will be February soon enough.

  4. So very, very cool! All three are great, but I like the middle best.

  5. Beautiful! Dandelions offer such fun when we get this close. 🙂

  6. Dandelions are so much fun – and so fragile. I like the top one best.

  7. Wonderful, all three! But the one in the middle is outstanding.

  8. Thanks Tammy. I love the way yours turned out. Great job, i like color in anything and what’s more fun than exaggerated color. Don’t you wish dandilions came in colors other than yellow?

  9. Most lawntenders would disagree with me, but I think there is something mystical about dandelions. First they resemble a sun, and then a moon–a moon made of stars! I like the top one the best–it hints at the airiness of the indivisual stars.

  10. oh yes..very fragile.congrats

  11. Very cool – I like them all!

  12. Well done on all of them! Such survivors.

  13. Great macro. Fabulous details.

  14. Wonderful images, great macro, I love the last one with the filter effect the most. The others are very cool too.

  15. Magnificent detail! Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Super dandelion shots Tam! I love the second one in particular. The softness of the subject is so appealing. Great macros!

  17. Love the details of the middle shot Tammy.!

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