123. Night

On the night of the 4th of July we watched gigantic firework displays over the lake!  It was just gorgeous and the reflections in the water was just beautiful, but too bad, I can’t share any of these amazing images with you because I forgot my tri pod and camera for the displays!  I do have to admit, it was rather peaceful just sitting and watching them.   I did get a few hand held shots of some of the fireworks the boys shot off….not the best, but lots of color!  🙂


~ by Tammy on July 6, 2010.

14 Responses to “123. Night”

  1. I love a good fireworks display and I have to admit that I’d much rather watch and relax rather than be bothered photographing it. Glad you got the chance to enjoy it!

    • Thanks Julie, it was nice to sit and talk quietly and “Ooooo & Awwwwww” at the fireworks w/ everyone! I am always so anti social when I am taking pics LOL

  2. Who needs a paltry lake fireworks display, when you have yoir family there setting off Vesuvus’ and such, Nothing beats Family events.
    Howecer it reminds me of an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies, where Jethro strapped a giant rocket to his back to become an astronaut. The whole family stood near the Cement Pond and watched and made the appropriate – Ohh and Ahh sounds when the skyrocket exploded before Jethro finally came back to earth *well water) in the Cement Pond!

    • LOL Ron…that very well could happen when the boys have a lighter in their hands! Scary!

  3. Actually I like what you posted just as well as any other. The sparks are cool as well as the colored smoke and small sparkles. I think we all need to set the camera down on occasion, I have a hard time doing it, almost guilty, as if I am going to miss something.

  4. Fun! So different than the overhead fireworks.

  5. Very colorful!!

    We are in Colorado right now and will be back through NE on Sunday the 11th…check your Village PM. Maybe we can do lunch?

  6. Nice priorities! It is just as fun or more so to set them off yourself .

  7. That image certainly looks as good as any you would have gotten at the lake. I’m glad you got to watch and enjoy them. It’s so easy to forget those little joys in life when we are intent on capturing the moment. I’m a little jealous as I haven’t seen any yet. (but I will).

  8. That’s really colorful and so neat that you had a front-row seat to your own fireworks. In Massachusetts, it’s illegal for individuals to own or set off fireworks, even sparklers.

  9. I agree that sometimes it’s nice to just sit and watch instead of aiming for that perfect shot. 🙂 Lovely colors!

  10. Nice and colorful and I can relate to your enjoyment in just watching the show. Once I have my camera on the tripod I tend to just click the remote shutter release and do very little chimping and adjusting. It’s more fun to enjoy the show and not worry too much about the shots.

  11. I know, Tammy, I was more interested in enjoyed my grandchildren’s reactions to the fireworks than taking pictures.

  12. A tripod you can manage withut, sometimes, especially if you are seated and the chair has arms. And you can delete lots of bad shots! But there can be good ones, too. Tripods are so great for fireworks, but I didn’t use mine even tho I brought it.

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