120. Seeing Double

In our household we are always seeing doubles….twin boys, twin dogs, and now twin mourning doves!  It is kinda funny how these two always stick together.


~ by Tammy on June 29, 2010.

13 Responses to “120. Seeing Double”

  1. How sweet! Super shots too, Tammy! I still love that repurposed tire as bird feeder….

  2. I bet the end each others sentences too! Coo coo coo …. Coo coo coooo!

  3. That middle photo is priceless…they are even having dinner in sync!

  4. As usual, your nature shots are fantastic. The one where the two birds look like a reflection or a double exposure is my favorite.

  5. I love this series of pictures! The symmetry is so different in each photo… and thus more effective as a whole. The middle one is the funniest one, but it works because it is sandwiched between the other two. Isn’t Symmetry one of the means to draw attention to your focal point?

  6. This is a sweet series and perfectly shot.

  7. Maybe doves are like svans and mate for life? Great pictures and how nice it must be to have companions like this in the garden.

  8. I love having the birds visit my garden. I wonder too if they are life long partners. My favourite shot is that 2nd one they’re so cute.

  9. What a gorgeous pair of doves. They never get too far apart and seem so dedicated to each other. I love the different views on your cool bird feeder. I can hear their beautiful cooing from here!!

  10. They know the perfect feeder to go to to get enough twin food!!

  11. I love how you caught then in a daily routine. Very sharp, detailed photos. Lovely series.

  12. I usually see them in pairs! Cute photos!

  13. Nice shots! I’m pretty sure mourning doves mate for life.

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