118. Green and Purple

What a difference a day makes….yesterday my hosta was just blossoming and today it bloomed!  My favorite color combination…green and purple!


~ by Tammy on June 27, 2010.

19 Responses to “118. Green and Purple”

  1. Mine are right about at this stage, too. Did you Topaz these? The detail is fabulous.

    • Good eye Val…I just topazed the blossom in the first image and the blossom and blooms in the second image…I erased the effect off of the background.

      • When you say “Topaz,” which effect exactly do you mean. When I look at the web site, there are 6 different packages, so I am wondering which did you use on these photos, and which do you use the most?

      • Judy, I used topaz adjust (spicify) on this and lowered the opacity a bit….I use topaz the most, but I am a self admitted topaz junky…I have….
        Topaz Adjust

        My favorite is topaz adjust.

  2. These two colors are very soothing together, I like them too. I wish I could look at these two photos side by side…say like on a wall. I like how each tips a different direction, like towards each other.

  3. Hi Tammy,
    Aren’t Hosta great. I love all the leafy green and then surprise you get this very pretty delicate looking flower. Have a great day!


  4. Ah, how nice with blooming flowers! (mine kind of die before getting to that point….) 😉

  5. Those are really pretty! The top one looks like artichoke….

  6. Beautiful color combination. Did you ever pop the flowers right before they opened? It was so much fun!!

  7. Beautiful shots and nice job on the processing. I like the way you have a couple shades of color in the flowers. Now, why do the critters eat mine and leave everyone else’s alone?? 😦

  8. am I criative?no..u are, Tammy..great macro shot..congrtas

  9. What beautiful macros, Tammy! I have heard of hostas but haven’t seen them blooming. Wonderful clarity and exposure.

  10. seems you have great hostas and I agree tha colors of them are wonderful, very nice shots and if you did not say it was hostas I would not have guessed. Thats the great thin with closeups 🙂

  11. My favorite is the budding hosta. Great textures in both images.

  12. Love your framing and angle of that 2nd image…

  13. Once they start they really go! So pretty!

  14. Delicious bokeh on these.

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