114. Rain, Rain Go Away!

Hope all of you Father’s had a wonderful Father’s day yesterday!  We had a picnic planned, but it ended up raining again all day with more rain and storms expected for this morning.  So far we have picked up an additional almost 3″ of rain…I don’t think the flooding will end anytime soon.  They even had to call off a World Series College baseball game and it is currently rescheduled for this morning, but from the looks of it, it will be postponed again.   After this morning’s storms roll through it looks like we might have a dry spell for a few days!   On the bright side, the grass is bright green and my flowers seem to like the rain…


~ by Tammy on June 21, 2010.

22 Responses to “114. Rain, Rain Go Away!”

  1. You guys have just been inundated, haven’t you? You deserve to have the remaining months of summer be PERFECT! This is such a pretty lily and the droplets add a lot of interest. Nice!

  2. Tammy, you do seem to know how to find the bright spot of a rainy day! I love how this fills the whole frame… beautiful!

  3. A fantastic shot, so gorgeous.

  4. Hi Tammy,
    Same old same old here. It’s storming with lots of rain, thunder and all around miserableness. The grass, weeds and flowers and of course ducks are the only ones that like this kind of weather. Have a great day!


  5. Your lily is so lovely. I hear you about the rain. We seem to have our share of it too, and cool weather. Where is summer?

  6. Lovely macro – I really like the way you’ve framed this!

  7. We finally had us a shiny sunny day this day, but now it seems like the rain is hanging in the air..

  8. Spectacular!

  9. Be awefully careful of what you wish for, or don’t they have droughts in Nebraska.
    We have had floods in Aussie too, the city slickers worry about it and the farmers and others “On the Land” can’t keep the grins off their faces! Also why do you think your smelly thing there is looking sooo happy.

  10. Lovely photo…love the yellow!

  11. That lily looks so happy, great drops.

  12. I love this!!

  13. I’m sorry you’re getting so much rain–but you have certainly found what’s beautiful in it.

  14. Beautiful shot.

  15. I hope the rain has let up by now. Love te way you filled the frame and the way it has a bit of an angled look to it. Despite the rain, it is a gorgeous shot. But, I hope it stops soon for you. That gets so dreary after a while.

  16. I always enjoy rain as it means I don’t have to water the plants, but I really don’t want to have to be outside in it.

  17. Beautiful colour an so crisp!

    I like following the season(s) with your pictures… it will be a least a month before I see these blooming in my yard. Every day here seems to end in rain, enough already.

  18. Beautiful lily. The water drops add a hint of freshness to the image


  20. Beautiful! A prize-winner for sure. I really love the rain droplets.

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