113. Vehicle

I made my husband go out yesterday and buy a new vehicle (a Chevy Equinox) so that I could fulfill my theme obligation!  🙂

Although, Ryan and Corey did their best in trying to talk him into a Camaro instead…didn’t work!


~ by Tammy on June 19, 2010.

18 Responses to “113. Vehicle”

  1. Looks like a spiffy new VEHICLE! Have fun….

  2. I believe you did THAT! Poor long suffering DH, why don’t you spoil the boys and buy them a Camero each?

  3. If we have “Pair” as a theme for next month do you think we can get him to buy you one too, so you can photograph the pair?

    • LOL Karen…I think I will stick w/ my Accord, but, maybe you could visit and we could get both of the Equinoxes together for pair…just sayin’… 🙂

  4. Too funny. I wonder if that will work for my husband?

  5. LOL – I was waiting for someone to post the family car, but you went WAY beyond with getting a new one. 😉

  6. Ha ha, you must have the kindest husband in the world to go out and buy a car so you have something to photograph 🙂 Looks like a nice car, a bit like our Honda CRV, sturdy and 4wdrive?

    • Scott had been looking for a car for some time and finally decided on the Equinox (it was between that and the Honda CRV….we usually always buy Honda – I drive an Accord). When he finally decided what he wanted there were no Equinoxes any where near us…last week one finally came so he hurried and got it. Yes it is sturdy and 4wdrive…it is also one of those low gas mileage SUV’s…so hopefully we will save some $$$ in the long run. It is almost way too fancy for me though…has all of the extras (some that I didn’t even know existed) LOL

  7. There is nothing like a man and a new car!! Or the boys in dad’s car!!!

  8. What a guy to help with the themes! I didn’t even know there were still Camaros

  9. The boys must really be disappointed with his decision!! Hope he enjoys his new car.

  10. Looks like certain young men think the car is theirs!

  11. Now there’s a helpful man! And your boys seem to have enjoyed themselves too!

  12. Nice! That’s what I want Jon’s next car to be…that or an Outback.

  13. Like your new car. Your boys are very cute!

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