112. Sky

As the storm clouds rolled in last evening the blue skies and sun tried to chase them out…unfortunately, the storm clouds won…another severe thunderstorm complete with hail and 2″ of rain!  That’s all this area needed with all of the flooding going on.  Today we start the College World Series here in Omaha and many of the parks where our visitors stayed is under water,  on a positive note, that should be good for the hotel industry!  🙂


~ by Tammy on June 18, 2010.

13 Responses to “112. Sky”

  1. Wow! great sky. I like the colors and the rays from the sun. powerful and beautiful.

  2. Thamy

    I needed to wake up to the reality…the refugees in Mozambique need me…and for them..I began to think and to select my photos to an exhibition,.

    Your shot is very nice..like a painting…as always…I come here and find peace

  3. Very dramatic! I can hear the thunder….which could be because it is thundering outside our window at the moment 🙂 You have captured the mood perfectly.

  4. Those rays of sun are beautiful through the clouds. You really are getting hammered with the weather, aren’t you?

  5. This is quite the storm cloud! You know, if you crop it so that you see only the one whole in the clouds with the rays coming out, it looks like either the heavens are opening up.. or the alien ship has arrived to beam up earthlings (which ever way your belief system is inclined). The way I had the photo opened in my browser, this is how I first saw it… then noticed the image was larger. But I sort of like the crop,.

  6. very dramatic clouds and how wonderful you captured the sun shining through for a short time

  7. We used to call those sunbeams “Sunday School Skies” wonderful capture.

  8. I’ve always heard those fine lights through the clouds called ‘god beams’ This is such a fine dramatic shot.
    I love that your positive note was how motel and hotel keepers will benefit from the stormy weather.

  9. A gorgeous sky. The sumbeams are wonderful. I am so sorry for the terrible weather that you are having up there.

  10. Sorry to hear youre having such a run of rotten weather! 😦 I like the way you captured the shape of that one dark cloud with the sun shining through. You certainly captured the moment!

  11. What a wonderful dramatic sky – I love how those rays are breaking through the clouds.

  12. I love how you captured the sun rays coming through the clouds. Beautiful!

  13. Beautiful! Love those angel rays, shining down…

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