111. Flooded (Friday Photo Tip)

Tonight we went to walk at another favorite destination that is under water….the Missouri River (which separates NE from IA in our parts).  I have lived in the Bellevue area my whole life and have never seen it flooded like this….the whole camp ground was under water…we saw picnic tables and outhouses floating, the baseball fields under water, pop machines under water, it is unbelievable how quickly the water can rise.


~ by Tammy on June 14, 2010.

18 Responses to “111. Flooded (Friday Photo Tip)”

  1. WoW a swimming hole, right on your doorstep, I hope this isn’t a dry area, with your drinking proclivities! LOL

  2. Excuse me Lady, but do you take requests? How about if you give your camera to your hard pressed better half and have him snap you stepping from post to post in that second last shot – Should be fun!

  3. Hope your property ok.

  4. Hi Tammy,
    Hope everyone is ok there. We have water at our place too. Have a great day!


  5. My property is a good 5 MI from this, no worries about me or my house! 🙂

  6. *wow* Thats a lot of water!

  7. My heart goes out to all those who were affected! Glad to hear you were not in it Tammy.

  8. I have great respect for water as well as fire, mighty both and can cause great damage in short time. Hope it goes back soon enough so the damage stays low.

  9. Glad you aren’t under water but it looks like you have had plenty of rain. These are some great shots to document the water levels. Hope there isn’t too much damage.

  10. Great documentary photos. What a heartbreak for people living there…

  11. Good documentary on what water can cause the flood.

  12. to see and witness all this distractions is very hard for one to really take all in.

  13. Great photographic series of the wrath of Mother Nature.

  14. Holy @#$! that is a lot of water!!!

    Catching up on posting. Love your bee photo…and the dozen polka dots. Fab, as usual!!

  15. So sorry for the floods in your area of the country. We had this same thing last year. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

  16. It must be fascinating in a rather frightening way to see the flooding – it’s the sort of thing that takes some time to process.

  17. That’s just awful. I’m having a hard time reconciling these images mentally with the Nebraska we saw several years ago, when it was in a state of desperate drought. Where’s the happy medium?

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