108. Downtown

This is located in our downtown area of the Old Market.  If you can’t read the sign it says “The Downtown Space”…

Another scene from the Old Market…


~ by Tammy on June 11, 2010.

7 Responses to “108. Downtown”

  1. Great that your reading abilities are improving, as I was able to read “The Downtown Space” on the shop window. LOL Shame about title imagination though! Good composition and love the Ivy.

  2. I love the all the detail you captured in these images Tammy, but scrolling between the two makes me a bit seasick. LOL

  3. I can just picture horses tied up to a a hitching rail in the bottom photo. Nice processing!

  4. I just love photos of old buildings! Thanks!

  5. Love the stairs and the flowerpots on the first little landing. The top image is great too, so much to look at and great contrast and colours.

  6. It looks like a town with a lot of character! I love all the brick and ivy. Neat shots, both….

  7. These images really exemplify the urban look – no mistaking it for a small town.

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