105. Julie, You told me so….

Remember when I first started posting pics of the birds in my bird feeder and Julie said “How do you keep the squirrels out of the feeder”?  And do you remember how I BRAGGED squirrels never get on my deck….well, I’m swallowing my words…look who was scoping out the feeder….Julie, you tried to tell me…..     LOL


~ by Tammy on June 7, 2010.

14 Responses to “105. Julie, You told me so….”

  1. He’s a cute little critter! Now you’ll just have to double or triple the amount of feed you put out. He probably has a big family!

    • Thanks for the words of wisdom LOL Between him and the baby mourning dove I think I need a whole another feeder…

  2. Great portrait, by the way!

  3. Hello Rocky! – Bullwinkle.

    Watch mr pull a rabbit outta my hat!

  4. He is so cute! Love that tail. How do you get these animals to pose for you?

    • I take the pics through my glass door, they always feel safe when I am behind glass (I think they think I am in a cage) LOL

  5. Great shot, you must go through a lot of Windex??

  6. And it looks like he is not bothered at all to get caught. A great image.

  7. He knows a good feeder when he sees one!! Now he will bring all of his friends over to your house!!

  8. What a fine expression you caught on his face. Looks like you will be filling the cool feeder more often.

  9. Nice catch, Tammy! He has that caught with his hand in the cookie jar look about him!

  10. great capture!

  11. He posed for you – or rather thumbed his nose at you!

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