104. Green

There was plenty of green in my life today…on my morning walk I found a vine crawling up a tree, then there was  pickled asparagus in my salad for lunch, and cucumbers with my steak for dinner.


~ by Tammy on June 4, 2010.

19 Responses to “104. Green”

  1. Noyhing so yucky, as healthy food, where are the steaks, burgers, fries, thick shakes and Chocolate. Go back out and photograph something interesting.

  2. I like these posts with continuity of theme. I have to try that some time. The veggies make for a prettier photo than the steak, I’m sure…

  3. I feel like I’m inside the cucumber!! I really like your series images.

  4. Cukes are so tasty!!

  5. lovely greens 🙂
    asparagus is my favourite right now, I use to steam them so they keep the color or put them on the barbecue with some lemoroliveoil and salt – delicious .-)

  6. Great shots for the theme! I especially like the perspective on the cucumbers. You say those Aparagus are pickled? Who would do that to such a fine vegetable? But great shot nonetheless. The ivy is nice but the other two outshine it…

  7. Hi Tammy,
    Beautiful Green! That vine is really green. Have a great day!


  8. As an Irish American, I’m partial to green. I think I like the cucumbers best. They just seem so crisp!

  9. Looks like you had a very green day – hope that also extended to your paycheck!

  10. Green is good!

  11. A very nice series! I’m partial to the cucumbers.

  12. A fine set, I especially love the light on the cukes. I like the idea of a series.

  13. Nice series of shots Tammy. The cucumber shot is great, but I’m really drawn to the asparagus on the purple background. That’s a beautiful image.


  14. Your cukes really caught my eye with the glistening that reminds me what vinegar can do to a cuke salad. Those asparagus look almost plastic! And a little yellow lichen on the tree brightens that shot. An all-round great series!

  15. oh Tammy….very nice photos..and so delicious..
    I was travelling…and for it did not come here…now..I will read all posts and will comment,
    nice week, Tammy

  16. Nicely done for the theme. I like that you have them posing for you. You must have taken some culinary courses.

  17. A great collection of green. They look fabulous when you put them together.

  18. is it lunchtime yet? These are good enough to eat!

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