101. Backyard Wonders

Today was a good day….my camera is baaaaaaaaccccckkkkkk!!   🙂  That took half the time I thought it would…they had to replace the shutter and the image stabilizer and they also cleaned it.  Now it is as good as new!  I went out in my back gardens and tested it out!  Sorry Ron, more flowers, but Karen I think this qualifies for your back yard Friday tip! These were all processed in PSE8 with a levels adjustment, sharpening and cropping.


~ by Tammy on May 27, 2010.

32 Responses to “101. Backyard Wonders”

  1. Yay for excellent service! Your shots are great – I especially like the first one with its beautiful light, color, and background blur.

    • Thanks Julie! And you are right, here is to excellent service…I have never had this quick of warranty service before and I am extremely happy! I sent my little Kodak video camera in the same day and still have not heard a word, ugh…some services are superior I guess!

  2. Get it back and waste it on smelly things LOL, but Boy are you in Heap Big TROUBLE, you said on Julie’s post that she was an OLD pro at photoblogging, I would hurry back and apologize profusely, but I think it is yoo late, Ha Ha Ha, you don’t even comprehend the power she has, she only skitched the International Committee for adherence to Themes on me, heavens know WHO she will turn loose on you. LOLROTFHMS

  3. This is such a pretty page! I like the way you’ve grouped the shots – and each shot is wonderful. Nice way to celebrate the return of your camera.

  4. I dont know what I would do without my camera. I kick myself when I leave the house without it! I am finding it hard to pick out my favourite. I love the contrast of the yellow flower with purple background but the clarity of the first shot is outstanding.

  5. They are all just beautiful, Tammy. I especially love the top picture. The colors are fabulous. I know that you are so glad to get back your camera.

  6. Glad that everything worked out for you. I don’t know what I would do if I had to send my baby away to the camera Dr.

  7. Lucky for you that the camera is back and for us who share the products of it 🙂
    Great colored flowers and as many others I love the first one

  8. There are never enough flowers and thank you for turning me on to Topaz.

  9. Wow, your garden looks beautiful and I’m pleased for you that your camera is back and healthy again 🙂

  10. Congratulations to you’ve got your camera back now.
    Great and strong colors. Have a nice weekend!

  11. Beautiful! especially the top shot! Isn’t summer wonderful!!!

  12. Back and better than ever!! That first shot is especially stunning. The colors and detail are gorgeous. And Chloe is so cooperative to pose with the flowers. I must learn your secret with getting dogs to cooperate. 🙂

    • LOL, that is not Chloe…my secret to having a dog pose w/ the flowers is buying a planter w/ the dog already in it…that is a statue (but I thought it looked like Chloe)…. 🙂

  13. Just stunning! Glad you have your baby back!
    (PS We need to tell Ron no more pictures of flowers from us if there’s no more pictures of birds from him!)

  14. Hi Tammy,
    Beautiful blooms. I love that first picture, the color just jumps off the page at you. Have a great day!


  15. Lovely. And just for the record, I am happy with photos of flowers any day!

  16. Great shot for the newly revamped equipment. Stunning!!

  17. Gorgeous backyard flowers!! Beautiful colors.

  18. Beautiful flowers, though their power as a Ron-Repellant seems to be a bit diminished 😉 Good to hear that the camera has come home. I had to send my favorite lens out for repair and it was torture.

  19. Wow, such pretty flowers and the colours and focus perfect.

  20. And wonders they are, beautiful all of them. I really like the first one, very effective with the bright stunning colour and the dark background. What lens did you use to give you that great background blur.

    Glad you have your camera back!

    • I guess I forgot to put the camera info…..sorry!
      Canon XSI, 55-250mmmlens, 154mm focal length, Aperature: F5.6, Shutter Speed 1/250, ISO: 100

  21. They obviously took good care of your baby and it’s full steam ahead. That first image is gorgeous…perfect processing!!

  22. So glad your camera is back and safe Tammy! Glad the Canon service was good…if I ever need it!
    Love the flowers…I did do a double take on the dog…and realised it was not Chloe LOL

  23. Dear Tammy

    the firstone is simply marvelous

    I do not know if I told to u but iam crazy for MACRO!!!!!

    Oh, Tammy…I did not have time to visit u more cause my brother -in-law is very very sick…but I have FAITH that he will survive
    have a nice week, dear

  24. Glad you got your camera back quickly – and it’s taking excellent photos. Of course, you have a lot to do with the results!

  25. I love the bright, brilliant colors. Makes me smile just seeing the photos!

  26. Wow! Fabulous shots each one, though I’m partial to the top daisies. Impressive service from Canon. I’m glad for you.

  27. So sorry you had camera trouble in the first place, Tammy. I’m glad you have your baby back and obviously in prime shape!! 🙂 Love the flowers. So hard to pick a favorite. The African daisies are so special and I love the depth of field you chose. I also particularly love the pink petunias. So lacy and feminine looking. Great work!

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