100. Yellow Tomatoes

I say TOMATOE, you say TOMOTOE……well anyways, I’m revisiting the theme of YELLOW….yellow tomatoes…

Camera: Canon Powershot G6, Shot in Auto,  Focal Length:  29 mm, Aperture F/4,  Shutter Speed 1/640:   Processed in PSE8, adjusted levels, topaz simplify, topaz adjust, cropped and sharpened


~ by Tammy on May 23, 2010.

16 Responses to “100. Yellow Tomatoes”

  1. This is such a pretty composition and the tomatoes are the most delightful color. I never buy yellow ones, so this is a treat

  2. Wow, I haven+t seen yellow tomatoes before:-) Well done. I like this image.

  3. Beautiful..they are so perfect!!! Love tomatoes..no matter how you Americans pronounce them! 😉

  4. Very nice (and I find myself completing the round shapes on this image too!)

  5. Nice, Tammy! I love yellow tomatoes… something I haven’t seen for awhile. Along with the composition and the color, I like the softness of the photo.

  6. Oh…I like the yellow, Tammy..a color with energy
    Have a nice week

    I was out of Sweden and for that I did not come here…

  7. Very cool

  8. Hi Tammy,
    This works for yellow. We just planted our tomatoes a couple of weeks ago. It will be awhile before we have any. Have a great day!


  9. Great colors! With photos this nice, you may not go back to your “big” camera when it comes back from the camera hospital…

  10. LOve the way you cropped this: it plays up the cimple colors and geometry.

  11. Wonderful capture, Tammy. It ha a nice gentle feel to it and the background is a perfect complement.

  12. I wonder…do they taste any different than the red ones? I’ve never had them…yet.

    • They are a little sweeter…very yummy, but I only get them this time of year…a nice variety for a salad!

  13. The yellow and green make such a pretty image. Did you buy any?

    • I did Mary Lou…I just love color in my salads (plus they were yummy too)! 🙂 Also got some pickled peppers and pickled asparagus….yummmmmmm!

  14. Nowadays one can find tomatoes in all different colors and like you I color my salads with different kind sometimes. Great theme photo. I also want to thank you for all the uplifting comments you make on my blog, they are so valuable for me 🙂

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