97. Complex

Last weekend our gardens featured “The Living Fountain” display….think how difficult it would be to look like a statue (with water pouring out of your hands and head)  with people trying to break your concentration….definitely a complex situation for me!  🙂

All shot with my little Olympus Stylus 770 Sw:  Processed in PSE8 by adjusting levels, topaz adjust 4 filters, plus burning and dodging


~ by Tammy on May 20, 2010.

15 Responses to “97. Complex”

  1. You made the perfect model Fountain.
    Do we call you Tammy Fountaine Now?

  2. I’d love to read the job description for that one!

  3. Pretty fountains and model. Good thought on the theme-it certainly looks like it may have been complex to design.

  4. It took me a minute to figure out these were real people. LOL!! Glad you had that waterproof camera to work with! 🙂

  5. That is very interesting. I thought that she was a real statue.

  6. Wow, beautiful shot and it is hard to believe they are real people.

  7. I’ll stick with my day job…thats amazing!!!

  8. Yikes! I can’t figure how the water is piped. Fun shots and i think I’ll keep my day job too, imagine the make-up.

  9. How did they do that with the water? She is really amazing. Good photos. I like your processing on the top one, Tammy. And congrats on your photo in the current Photoshop Elements Techniques newsletter. I just got my copy!

    • she has hoses under her dress hooked to a machine under the bridge behind her…I had to figure out how it was done…

  10. These are great shots!

  11. Wow!! Neat image. Congrats on your image in the magazine!!

    • thanks Mary Lou! 🙂 They had hoses under her dress and then under the bridge behind her….it was very cool!

  12. I didn’t realize the statue was real until I read your description -what a great idea and how fun it would be to attend. Great shots and a super interesting post!

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