96. Circles and Lines

Good news, my hubby found a charger for my little Olympus Stylus 770 Sw….it is purely a point and shoot camera, but at least I now have one until my canon gets fixed.  I also have an old canon point and shoot laying around here somewhere…am looking for that one as well.  Went for a walk tonight to re  learn how to use my Olympus again and came across this pond with circles and lines!  The picture clarity is not what I am used to, but with a little help from topaz spicify it turned out ok!


~ by Tammy on May 17, 2010.

23 Responses to “96. Circles and Lines”

  1. Not a bad shot for a Pop-Gun but your Canon would have blown those lilies outta the water. LOL

  2. great composition with all that circles surrounded makes an interesting contrast in shapes. Im happy for you (and us!)that you found a camera to work with 🙂

  3. So happy you have a camera to play with again!
    Great pond!!! Go back and lie down and take a picture skimming the surface…pretty please…LOL

  4. It’s a great shot. I think that occasionally it would do us all good to have to shoot with another camera. It helps to develop an eye for composition.

    • You are so right, you can’t depend on the camera settings, so you have to work with what you have to work with!

  5. Hi Tammy,
    I love this picture. It’s so pretty and looks like it might have some frogs there. I’ll bet it was very quiet there. Have a great day!


  6. It’s a lovely shot, Tammy. I’d love to have a nice little point-and-shoot….

  7. Nice image Tammy, glad you some equipment to fall back on.

  8. I just looked up the spec of your camera on DP Review… you can take that camera under water!

    Excellent capture on circles and lines… glad you have something to shoot with.

    • I have taken it under water and it does a fantastic job, also great for rain, etc – it is also shock proof so I can drop it once in a while and not worry LOL

  9. You certainly captured this theme! Glad you got something to shoot with. I use my P&S sometimes, just for convenience, but there are certain attributes of a DSLR that I will miss at times.

  10. This is fantastic, sometimes I think point and shoots are underrated even when used correctly.

  11. The combination of circles and line and the way you composed them, along with the three different textures/colors of the lily pads, the grass and the water–make for a fascinating photo that verges on the abstract. (Just this past weekend, we were kayaking through wide swaths of lily pads. Nature gave them the best geometry!)

  12. I also agree with Boomer about point and shoots–to me, good photography is more happens between the camera and the brain than within the camera.

    • I am just missing the control as far as aperature, shutter speed, this one pretty much shoots in auto…

  13. We have the next step up of this camera. It’s great for snapshots, but, you’re right…not a lot of control.

    On the plus side, you could have just dived right into that pond and snapped some underwater turtles… 😉

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo in the current Elements mag. What a cool honor!!

  14. Perfect composing, glad you avoided the poison ivy!

  15. I would also be severly struck by abstinence if I would have to be without camera, ofcourse I love my systemcamera but I have just bought a mobilephone with quite good camera so that one is always following mw around from now on 🙂

  16. great take on the line and circle theme.

  17. I think this is a great image!! Remember…it’s not the camera, it’s the person behind the camera that make a good photograph.

  18. I think this is a stunning shot and it sums up circles and lines in a simply wonderful way. Those reflections are not to shabby either – a winner in my mind for sure.

  19. What a great image for the theme! You have really developed your eye I’m noticing in all of your work and yes, this just proves it’s not about the photo equipment but the photographer.

    Love this and it really makes me want to get out there more, even just to be in such a peaceful scene.

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