94. Cool

I just thought this bloom was cool…


~ by Tammy on May 15, 2010.

29 Responses to “94. Cool”

  1. Very cool Tammy, love the perspective of the first image. And they are???

  2. Very cool indeed!

  3. Like to top one! Nice angle

  4. I also like the angle of the top one……

  5. Love these, Tammy. As Jens said, the perspective in the first shot is wonderful and so is the DOF. I’m no expert, doesn’t it look a lot like dogwood?

    • Thanks Julie, I just googled dogwoods, and dogwoods they are! You are good! 🙂

  6. I like the perspective of the top one… but you need the two together to know that. And it is a cool blossom.

  7. Because I know you are suffering Camera Withdrawal symptoms I will lower my standards LOL and comment, I think the top shot looks like Ladies at a High Tea Garden Party and the lower one a high class Portrait of one of those Grand Dames (English Dames not Yankee dames)

    • I feel priviledged! Maybe I should break a camera every time I post a flower LOL

    • I have to admit, it is very creative, probably one of the most unique comments to date! 🙂

  8. Beautiful macro shots!!

  9. Love both of these – so ethereal. And a great subtle green tint on them, too.

  10. Hi Tammy,
    Those are really cool looking flowers. Do you know what they are? They are really pretty. Have a great day!


  11. Great perspective on the first image Tammy …. they’re both beautiful!


  12. Looks like a variation of dogwoods to me…Both are lovely, but I prefer the bottome one. The DOF and the spot-on sharpness of the flowr really make it stand out. The subtle stains of color show off perfectly.

  13. Love the processing…especially on the bottom photo. One benefit of being sans camera is that you have time to process the images you already have. (Just trying to look on the bright side!) 😀

  14. Love these Tammy… The dogwood is fast becoming a favorite flower to photograph. I had one in the series of three that I posted recently…I think it was the third one. It’s the lines in the petals that do it for me I think…beautiful images.
    Hope your camera comes home soon …

  15. Very beautiful. I love the perspective on the top photo.

  16. Both of these are so beautiful – it is too hard to pick a favorite. Very crisp and beautiful! Also, wanted to say congrats on the publication in Elements – got it today and recognized your name right away. Beautiful picture there too.

  17. I like the image in the Elements publication, too. Too bad you have to break a camera to get Ron to post on a flower thread….

  18. I love the perspective of the top one, great angle.

  19. Beautiful!

  20. Another beautiful image – both of them! They’re stunning examples of using depth of field to isolate the image from the background too – they deserve to be entered in the link for the current Mini Assignment!

  21. Oh yes, I like these too and really like the angle you captured them at in the first one.

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