92. Portrait

Today I had a really bad day…first I went to video tape something and my digital camcorder broke, then I went into our bathroom to find the toilet water running and that was broke, and finally I went over to our zoo to see the brand new Madagascar exhibit and my camera broke.  Thank goodness I bought the extended warranty, but it will take 7 to 10 days just for them to send me the packaging and labels just to send the camera in…so needlas to say, I think I will be without a camera for a very long time, ugh….

On a positive note, I did get a bunch of great pics before my camera died!  This is my portrait of a married couple of ring tailed lemurs “Honey, how was YOUR day?”  LOL

Camera: Canon XSI, Shot in Manual, Lens:  55-250mm, Focal Length:  230mm, Aperture F/14,  Shutter Speed 1/320, ISO 200:   Processed in PSE8, adjusted levels, cropped and sharpened


~ by Tammy on May 13, 2010.

19 Responses to “92. Portrait”

  1. Tammy, I LOVE this! The posture on these two!

    You did have an awful day! You must be feeling like the Lemur on stage right. Maybe you should pick up a Canon point and shoot (like mine, I love mine) for a backup. That’s a long time to go without a camera.

  2. Hey! I must be one of your possessions! – Just checked my wallet and found out I’m BROKE TOO! LOL I bet when that lemure female heard what a rotten day he had she was Hopping Mad, wouldn’t that just kink your tail?

  3. Oh no!! What happened to your cam?? Just when the weather is getting nice, too…

    On the plus side, this photo is adorable. I hope seeing it made you smile…a little??

  4. Oh no! Sounds like you had a bad week!! It should be against the law to have all that happen in one day! Meanwhile, it’s SUCH a cute pic. I’m sure they are sympathizing. Hopefully, you have a P&S to hold you over.

  5. What a total drag! Why don’t you treat us to some iPhone photos while your camera is on the fritz?

    • If I only had an I Phone…my Samsung Rogue really takes awful pics!

      I loaned my Olympus point and shoot to my son and he lost the charger, maybe (hopefully) we will find that!

  6. sorry to her about the camera, hopefully it will all work out faster than it seems right now. Great capture.

  7. Cute shot! Sounds like Friday the 13th came on a Thursday!

  8. So sorry about your cameras – what a bummer! If it’s any consolation, Canon service was terrific when my compact camera broke last year. They had it fixed and shipped it back to me within a week of receiving it.

    • That is encouraging…I hope it goes fast…this is just as bad as being w/out a computer,LOL

  9. Oh – and yes, the lemurs are adorable, too! I like the “honey, how was your day?” comment. 😉

  10. So sorry about your camera, Tammy. This is a precious picture. The expression on their faces is great.

  11. So sorry Tammy, these things nearly always come in threes. At least this picture is very cool, and hey what better to fit your very own theme “Slice of Life” then to have this “trio” of disasters. Ok I know my humor doesn’t help matters. Just think that in a few weeks you will look back and think this was the worst time. LOL I never made the cheerleaders.

  12. Nice shots Tammy, but I’m really sorry to hear about your camera. Toilets are optional, but to be without a camera?? Yikes!

    Can you rent one somewhere??


  13. What more could happen in one day!??!! Cute photos before the camera ‘bit the dust’. Hope you get the repairs done in double time.

  14. I’m late to hearing your bad news, bummer. This is one fabulous shot though, looks like it went out with a bang.

  15. Oh, what a bummer, all those things in one go. But, you did get some fantastic pics. Love the lemurs, so cute and funny.

  16. The secret to any happy marriage is being friends first, and these two obviously know that! Awesome shot, I love this – you really captured a moment!

    I love these animals!!!

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