90. Passage of Time

I wonder how much wind and time this broken old windmill has endured.  Windmills have been around since ancient times, just think of the changes they have endured!  Here is an interesting time line on them..Time Line of Windmills.   Well this can be another two-fer theme (or maybe a four-fer)….I can also use it for the friday photo tip line theme again,  Mike’s HDR tutorial, and the silhouette assignment….boy, I’m getting good!  LOL

Camera: Canon XSI, Shot in Manual, Lens:  55-250mm, Focal Length:  154mm, Aperture F/5.6,  Shutter Speed 1/3200, ISO 200 also shot 2 others in +2 and -2 exposure.  Processed in Photomatix with Mike’s guidelines, then transfered to Lightroom 2 for the final touches.


~ by Tammy on May 8, 2010.

22 Responses to “90. Passage of Time”

  1. I had no idea windmills dated back that long. It interesting that such a basic technology is being used today to provide significant amounts of power. I like your golden tones in this…

  2. Obviously YOU were there to see the original so can vouch for the authenticity of the timeline? I have always thought you were Talented, but GOOD?? I think that is a stretch that even I could not make, oh and you forgot texture, this is one of the best textured shots I have ever seen.

  3. Nice processing. It looks like the clouds are within reach. Interesting history on the windmill.

  4. Beautiful processing. Nice color in the skies and the silhouette of the windmill is lovely against the rough texture of the fields.

  5. That golden light is amazing. The textures and the perspective make this an unusual shot.

  6. Fantastic picture, I love what you´ve done with it.

  7. Tammy..this is amazing..the sky..the windmill…the tree..the ploughed field..all comes together in this amazing photo!

  8. It´s amazing!

  9. Hi Tammy,
    It’s beautiful! I’ve always wanted one of those in my back yard. But could never find one that the farmer was willing to give away. Great shot! Have a great Mother’s Day!!


  10. What a wonderful photo! I love windmills! Happy Mother’s Day!

  11. This is so great. I love what the processing has done to the sky, and the way the furrows in the field just draw your eye right up to the windmill. Another framer!

  12. Very nice HDR

  13. Great, both the clouds and the lines on the ground below.

  14. Just wonderful, Tammy. Fabulous job on the processing. The sad thing is that this old windmill was probably once a very important working part of a farm.

  15. Wow Tammy, beautiful tones in the sky!

  16. Wow, I have got to try this technique!! This is gorgeous, Tammy. Wonderful choice of processing and the final product is just super!

  17. The sky is by far my favorite part of the picture. Those clouds and shadows are great. I also like how you divided it into thirds with the sky, the windmill and the field. It makes the picture rest easy on the eyes.

  18. the landscape and the view are a mirage…great!

  19. Great capture. Feel like I’m in the middle of many acres looking at the windmill far away. Love how the clouds are reflecting the light.

  20. Fabulous processing on a fabulous shot, this is so iconic of the Midwest. The color of the sky is especially fine, an echo of tornado skies and dust storms

  21. A “four-fer” – very impressive Tammy! I like your composition with the windmill sitting so proudly on the hillside in the distance.

  22. This is really super well done. Beautiful serene scene.

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