87. Wildlife

Today I had several purple finch visitors at my feeder (why they call them purple finches when they are red is beyond me)….had a few yellow finches as well, but they wouldn’t sit still and smile!

Camera: Canon XSI, Shot in Aperture Priority, Lens:  55-250mm, Focal Length:  250mm, Aperture F/5.6,  Shutter Speed 1/400, ISO 200      Processed in PSE:  Adj levels, Adj saturation, cropped


~ by Tammy on May 5, 2010.

21 Responses to “87. Wildlife”

  1. Your in trouble Tammy I once question the naming of these birds and was threatened with all sorts of litigation. John (Silverback) said they became so flustered that I spent the wee worrying that ballifs or a Vulture or something would come bashing at my door, and you live so much closer. Nice shot of the PURPLE Finch though!

  2. I love the way he contrasts with the purple feeder and the green in the background. It’s a great shot, Tammy.

  3. I sat outside for about 20 minutes waiting for those dang yellow finches to come out of the trees so I could snap them…no way Jose!!

    This red guy is lovely..I am going to camp out next time..LOL

  4. I think you decided to skip the pool party and drank all the wine, that is why you cant keep the colors strait. LOL

    Great image Tammy, I think it is eyeing the photo bug.

  5. You are my favorite nature photographer!

  6. Hey I once had someone think that my turkey vultures were young falcons! Misquoted: the eye is the beholder…or something like that:)

  7. Great capture of the little guy! You are so lucky to have all these different critters visiting. I like the contrast with the feeder, including how the bird is in focus and the feeder has a softer focus.

  8. Your have some interesting birds at your feeder. Must be the wonderful purple feeder your dad made!! Great shot!!

  9. Hi Tammy,
    Very beautiful bird. Love that color combination. Yea, why do they call them that, not a speck of purple. Have a great day!


  10. lovely shot, they are certainly very pretty birds 🙂

  11. Great shot and a beautiful bird.

  12. I’m so jealous – your bird photos are amazing. So crisp and clear. This one is perfectly composed, too, against that purple bird feeder with the soft background. Makes me want to step up to a DSLR…

  13. Nice exposure!! The birdie really catched your eye> Correct aperture!! Well done

  14. Loves these little guys! We had quite a few of them this winter…but all my shots had to be through a window. This one is so bright and clear. Wonderful!!

  15. Beautiful. The colors and the details are stunning.

  16. He looks like he is smiling for you, for sure. Love all those colors. I think he shows up even better than the yellow finches might have.

  17. Amazing that you shot through the glass, the colors are so fine and the shot so crisp. it does look to be smiling, hemp seed?

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