86. Droplets

Yesterday a storm rolled through with 40 mph winds (during a soccer game naturally)….as fast as it blew in, it blew out.  And unfortunately,  some of my tulips were casualties, their beautiful blooms were fragile in that wind!


~ by Tammy on May 4, 2010.

15 Responses to “86. Droplets”

  1. That is always the case, nature giveth nad taketh away. Nice capture Tammy.

  2. An aging beauty! Your background looks like a studio drape!

    • No studio drape…it was my block retaining wall and i just used levels and the burn tool to make it darker.
      Thanks for the nice comments!

  3. Still looks beautiful. Maybe it will recover. Nice colors and background.

  4. Aw…hate that crazy wind. The drops left behind are quite cool, however!

  5. Love this Tammy..after seeing so many pristine tulips this makes a nice change. I am sure Ron will be happy to see some flowers dying off..LOL

  6. Bloody sneaky way to get me to comment on a flower. Was the shower strong enough to protect your boys limbs, or did they just keep playing in all that slippery mud..

    • Put it this way…I am glad they had their car to get home in – I wouldn’t let them in mine! Pure mud for sure!

  7. Thanks everyone! 🙂

  8. Beautiful water droplets and great light on this image.

  9. I really like that charcoal-like background that makes the red and yellow really stand out. Very pretty, even if it is past it’s prime.

  10. The poor thing does look blistered–but it retains its vibrancy.

  11. So sorry, I left my last comment on the wrong photo. Though the wine glass is awesome, I absolutely adore this shot! Sorry about the mixup.

  12. I really like this different look. The lighting is good, the dropples and the ruffled petals really add texture. The background really sets off the flower.

  13. I love tulips on their last legs, the drops are icing.

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