85. Karen’s night out…Friday Photo Tip

Happy Birthday week to Karen….thought we would start the celebration off with a bottle of Merlot and end w/ a bottle of RELAX Riesling…everyone is free to join the party!  By the way, Karen, your gift is the wine glass!  Hope your birthday was happy!  🙂


~ by Tammy on May 3, 2010.

13 Responses to “85. Karen’s night out…Friday Photo Tip”

  1. Ooh-la-la! Those colors are as bold as I remember them through hazy eyes. That Merlot was tasty but the Reisling was to die for. Thanks for joining the birthday celebration Tammy! This shot captures the moment.

  2. What amazing colors, so well shot Tammy. How nice to spread the party around!

  3. PARTAY!!!!

  4. Well that is a glass standing out of others, ni one can miss that 😉

  5. Tammy, all hapiness to Karen.Giod bless her.
    have a nice day,dear…

    When I will finish some works i will start to participate to your groups

  6. Girl`s night out and relax, now there is an interesting combo!!

  7. Hey! You’re good even when you are partying!! Love the blurred background and the way you did not include the whole bottle. Nice bold colors too.

  8. Absolutely fun post!! Wonderful colors. I could use a glass of that right about now…

  9. So clever Tammy!! Fun image!!

  10. Celebrating again Tammy?

  11. This is just super, Tammy! The artistry and the lighting are incredible. Love the water droplets and the dark background too. Just a stunning piece! Great work!

  12. Fun image Tammy, love all the colour and that party mood!

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