82. Pair

Happy May Day everyone!  This pair dropped in to celebrate the first of May…


~ by Tammy on May 1, 2010.

18 Responses to “82. Pair”

  1. Great detail and color, very fun picture!

  2. *wow* that is a really amazing picture and such nice colors of the butterflies. You´re an excellent photographer.

  3. Right back at you Tammy.

    Great capture, love the color on their markings!!

  4. This one deserves a giant WOW!!!!!

  5. Wow – what a great shot! Happy May Day back atchya…glad to be in your blogging group. Welcome to Group Awesome!!

  6. Wow what is it with you and the sex photos, don’t insects have privacy rights in Omaha. Had to beat my butterfly shot didn’t ya!

    • I did try to beat you Ron…after you got those awesome single butterflies I went for two…no privacy when I’m around, but who needs privacy when eating?? 🙂

  7. Thanks for all the kind words everyone!

  8. Welcome to “A” group, I’m excited to get to meet up with some new walkers.
    Now, You must have had your camera on a very fast SS as they are very sharp and there isn’t any movement to be seen on this end.

    • I have gotten lazy about including my camera info, sorry! Here it is: Canon XSI, Aperature Priority, 55-250 Is Canon lens, F5.6, speed: 1/40, ISO: 100

  9. That’s quite a shot! Those brilliant colors really grab my attention and I had to look closely to convince myself you hadn’t just duplicated one butterfly in photoshop!

    • I promise, there were 2 LOL…..I took these at the butterfly house at the zoo…pure luck to get 2 of the same type sitting together!

  10. Don’t you just love the gorgeous turquoise and yellow in those wings? Great shot!

  11. Fabulous macro!! Great clarity and DOF. Looks like the one on the right is still part caterpillar!!

  12. They do seem to have Caterpillar bodies still, this is a fabulous shot.

  13. Um..Tammy..I don’t think they are “sitting” together..if you knwo what I mean…just sayin’

    Great capture…

  14. Beautiful. Great color and composition.

  15. The symmetry is amazing–it looks like a mirror image.

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