80. Beverage

Can’t a bird get a drink around here??  Not the best picture, but I did include a video below…


~ by Tammy on April 29, 2010.

10 Responses to “80. Beverage”

  1. Ah trandies and their bottled water.

  2. I’m glad the bird lost interest in the bottle… I was worried that he might actually swallow it!

    I like the still photo better… Less stressful if you just think he’s trying to get a drink!

    That is pretty cool that you can take a video so easily.

  3. It is a relief that it gave up on it. Great capture Tammy!

  4. :-)Funny picture of the theme. Good that you showed the video on the thirsty bird. Well done!

  5. A great one for the theme 🙂

  6. very interesting shot..In fact, sometimes, the qualkity of the photo itsnt so much important..the tehme can say more than uwe can imagine.And to photograph animals, insets…itsnt easy…
    but if we look to the bird….we can see it…THE LIFE IS VERY VERY SIMPLE…WE COMPLICATED SO MUCH…Eeveryday I learn with the animals…and I have seen that my life is more easy.
    Have a nice day
    thanks for your comments

  7. OMG is that thing coming at you at the end of the video??? RUN!!!!

  8. I liked the still shot because I could imagine him just doing a little house cleaning rather than trying to eat the thing! Poor bird!

  9. I like the still too,I hate the fact that those bottles are everywhere. Nice but sad video..

  10. I was so afraid that that bird was going to swallow that bottle, I almost couldn’t watch the video. That’s exactly the way herons eat fish. So sad!!!

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