78. Violet and Red

Had to do another Violet theme….my bird feeder (a painted tire) is purple and it is adorned by a female red cardinal (now if I could only get the male)….

Camera: Canon XSI, Shot in Aperture Priority, Lens:  55-250mm, Focal Length:  250mm, Aperture F/5.6,  Shutter Speed 1/80, ISO 200      Processed in PSE:  Adj levels


~ by Tammy on April 20, 2010.

33 Responses to “78. Violet and Red”

  1. Excellent! Remarkable clarity, even down to the seed in the bird’s mouth. I like that bird feeder – but how do you keep the squirrels from stealing all the seeds?

    It’s interesting how blue the bird feeder looks when you see it along with the violet flowers in the previous post…..

  2. Thanks Julie…the feeder is up on my deck so that the squirrels can’t get to it (never seen a squirrel on my deck yet….knock on wood)! 🙂 Actually the bird feeder is kinda a purple blue color…when I painted the tire, the black underneath kinda distorted the purple color. Hey, it’s better than black! 🙂

  3. Tammy, this is great. So much detail and such a cute bird. Since we got the dog I have noticed a huge drop in the bird numbers around here. Maybe a feeder is just what we need. Are you saying you made yours?

  4. I love the way the colors “pop” in this picture, and I have never seen a female cardinal before! Very festive looking bird, right down to the red beak.

  5. Very nice. Are those blueberries mixed in with the seed. We have oak trees and those lots of squirrels. I bought one that is “squirrel Some of them try on occasion but they seem to learn quickly

    • I don’t know what it is…it’s black…just from a bag of mixed seed to attract a variety of birds! LOL on being dyslexic…I must be too because I understood what you were saying! 🙂

  6. Completing the sentence. “squirrel proof” Dyslexia is such a wonderful thing.

  7. Lovely Tweety Bird! Was that tyre, one of your spare tyres that you have got rid of during the years??

    • A normal tire…dad does a lot of work on cars as a hobby…and tires are hard to get rid of so he usually makes things out of them….the bird feeder is a new idea…he also makes horsey tire swings.

  8. I feel that I can reach right in and pick up this bird. The photo is that clear. Incredible!

  9. I think your dad could sell those feeders! And I can’t believe the squirrels don’t come on your deck. They’ll practically come in our front door unless Hamish is right there to protect us! 😉

    • If Tammy was a serious Realtor she would include one with every house she sold, IMHO. LOL

      • Good idea Ron, buy a house and get a bird…that is definitely doable!! 🙂 Now you need to come over with that big net…

    • I live in a newer neighborhood and the trees are finally getting big enough to get some squirrels, but we really don’t have too many yet…I am sure that is changing though!

  10. We had the male at our feeder today and because we live just outside a cardinal area it was a great treat.

  11. Great detail in this beauty. How nice to see a cardinal. I’m impressed too that the squirrels stay off your deck.

  12. Tammy, this is wonderful. The detail is stunning. A wall-hanger.

  13. What a neat bird feeder. I can see what my next project will be. The squirrels are on my deck all the time. I have to put red pepper in the food to keep them away and try to use every trick known to mankind to keep them away. Great shot.

  14. Fun feeder (in my fave color) and how great to catch Lady Cardinal having a spot of breakfast. Wonderful clarity!

  15. Great coloring and so sharp great shot

  16. Tammy you and Karen have to pair up — she’s got the male!
    Wonderful image and the colors are beautiful!

  17. I love it!! Fabulous image right down to the birdseed in her mouth. Your dad is very clever!!

  18. I really like your Dad’s feeder! I hope it attracts more birds for you to photograph this year. The detail on this female cardinal is beautiful.

  19. Hi Tammy,
    Awesome capture! Love that bird feeder idea! She is a pretty bird and the male is even more stunning in color, he would look very good sitting in your purple feeder. Have a great day!


  20. Great shot! I definitely need a bird feeder in my future life.

  21. What a super capture! (The women have to do all the grocery shopping!!)
    I love the idea of the tire feeder. What a genius your Dad is!! Wonderful colors and a outstanding photo, Tammy.

  22. My gosh, you’ve got every feather in perfect focus!

  23. Beautiful image…wow…wish I could day the same about squirrels…they practically live with us…they go wherever the feeders are..even thought they have to and upside sown and fight with the squirrel proof cages over them…

  24. Beautiful, sharp image! Love the bird feeder!

  25. Nice choice for the April favorite!!

  26. This is defintely a favorite choice…I can’t say anything better than all the people before me….

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