75. Delicate

I caught this Robin standing around on his delicate one leg….

And Karen…no need for worries…this guy does have TWO legs….there goes your pirate theory, Ron!!


~ by Tammy on April 16, 2010.

15 Responses to “75. Delicate”

  1. Great capture Tammy. I think he is looking over the fence construction.

  2. Oh! I like the colors in this…

  3. Hi Tammy,
    Great shot! I got one the other day but he was standing sideways so didn’t get his red breast. Have a great day!


  4. Great shot and I envy the green color in the back…..I want that too!

    have a nice weekend

  5. This could be in the “one” theme, too. He looks like a young one!

  6. Cute!! I’ve never seen a robin standing on one leg. Will wonders ever cease!!

  7. All the Pirate Robins end up at your place, all he needs is a parrot on his shoulder and an eye patch.

  8. The colors all work together so well here; and the robin has quite a bit of personality.

  9. Great picture, and great balance – I would never be caught sitting on one leg like that… 😉

  10. Nice sharp focus on this and I really like the way the fenceline adds interest to the shot. Good use of the rule of thirds. I hope he’s just got his leg tucked up there, and isn’t missing it altogether.

  11. Great pictures of Mr. Robin. Robins are difficult to catch.

  12. Great shots. We had a flock of Red Robins come to my place this winter. I believe in Feb. Had to be a couple of hundred and they were all over my deck and trees in the back yard. Went and got my camera , went out on the snowy deck and they flew away. I guess they went south. Nicely done.

  13. How adorable…he looks tiny for a robin. Ours are back and I love how they swarm onto the garden after it rains.

  14. I like the “one-legged” robin with the discerning cock of his head. He is certainly checking something out. Love it!

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