74. Lipstick (Friday Photo Tip)

It’s almost Friday again so I thought I better get in the Friday Photo Tip of using a single color in a composition….I loved this budding tulip in it’s green glory showing off just a hint of bright red lipstick…..sorry Ron, yes, another flower…

Julie and Mary Lou suggested a tighter crop….what do you all think?

Another crop for Bobbie and Julie (is this more what you are thinking)?


~ by Tammy on April 15, 2010.

22 Responses to “74. Lipstick (Friday Photo Tip)”

  1. They do remind you of lipstick, don’t they? I enjoy the almost abstract quality of this, Tammy, and the slight preview of the tulip’s color. I might go for a crop that takes away some of the blur on the right side and maybe some on the bottom too.

  2. It’s amazing how many different and unusual ways to photograph flowers. I love the green with just a hint of red. I agree with Julie. I would like to see this cropped a little.

  3. The little red (lipstick) really sticking out of the all green. It captures direct your eyes.

  4. Love the hint of red and I actual prefer the first crop

  5. Perfect

  6. Lovely, Tam. I like your original composition best. The length of stem and the curling leaves add so much to me. I love the gentle suggestion of color on the tulip.

  7. It does look like a 30s movie star puckering up for a kiss. That one bright touch of lipstick orange punctuating that pale green is daahing. as far as cropping, I might go for something inbeween, trimming off a bit on the right hand side and bottom but retaining the swirl of that background leaf.

  8. I prefer the uncropped version – I think the greater amount of negative space is a better frame for the isolated image and the green is more prominant. Your use of the cool green background with just the touch of warm red to pop to the foreground is what really sets of the photo. Nicely done!

  9. This crop is too tight, in my view. Bobbie’s suggestion is more what I had in mind but obviously didn’t verbalize it well… 😉

  10. I love the last crop Tammy, the swirl in the leaf adds so much to the image.

  11. Final crop is my favorite! Glad you played a bit more with it, Tammy…

  12. I like the top image. That peek of red in all those soft greens is lovely.

  13. My wife and I planted a whole bunch of these little ones last year. The green just started popping up all over our garden and we were looking forward to a wonderful display of colours. Last night the deer came through and stopped by at the tulip salad bar and munched them all down to the ground. If I had my way would be munching on Deer steaks but lucky for them we are vegetarians.

    • OH NOOOOOO! I had that same problem but w/ the bunnies and my petuna last year…that just makes you sick!! Deer jerky is sounding good to me! 🙂

  14. I agree with Bobbie and Julie. The second crop is much better. Glad you redid it.

  15. Third time is the winner! This crop retains a lot of the nice green negative space but really plays up those sensuous curves of the leaves – very nice.

  16. I perfer the close crop and that hint of red is marvelous. Love this image.

  17. I like the bit of red among all that pale green. But it looks so much like some exotic plant lips that I keep imaging it saying “Feed me, Seymour.” What was the name of that plant in Little Shop of Horrors?

  18. The third version is my favorite! I’ve never thought about it before but it sure DO look like lipstick. 😀

  19. Great shot and the final crop clinched it.

  20. Hello again (I have been away for a while) Well I like the first photo most, the one without the thight cropping. Mostly because the diagonal composition and the placement of the red spot is perfect there. /Lena

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