73. Action/Active

Another day at the soccer fields, but today was Ryan & Corey’s game…they had a great game – won 2-1.  Got some great action shots…the 1st picture is of Corey heading a ball and the second one is of Ryan taking control of the ball…

The next two pics is of the boys’ teammate…every time he throws the ball in to the field he does a flip and boy does that ball fly…

We weren’t blessed with the same sunset as last night, but wow were the clouds gorgeous…


~ by Tammy on April 10, 2010.

22 Responses to “73. Action/Active”

  1. Nice action shots!!! And those clouds are stunning – lucky you for having that view.

  2. Love the action shots, including the teammate, hope you had a good supply of splints with you, Have a nice soccer season, now ya hear!

    • Lucky so far, no injuries to date…maybe this will be our lucky season…why bring splints, they will just jinx us!

  3. Wow Tammy, great action happening on the field! The pink in the clouds is amazing.

  4. Cool action shots, Tammy! Hope the boys have a great season!

  5. Nice job capturing the action, and those are definitely some kick ass clouds!

  6. They are all great shots, Tammy! The one of Corey heading the ball rocks. Hope you print and frame it. (I can picture your house now-wall to wall photos haha). Glad I’m not their teammate’s back-nice to be young and flexible. You captured great colors in those clouds.

  7. That’s an awesome throw-in shots, both of them. Amazing at that level!

  8. There’s no better action than high school soccer. I really miss those days!

  9. great action shots

  10. Soccer snaps are fun but that sky is AMAZING!! Gorgeous!

  11. Great action photos! And what a sky! Those flip pictures are great. Well I like the one with Corey heading the ball too. Well done!

  12. These made me have to sit down after all that action! Your boys are so good-looking, here’s to a winning and injury free season. Beautiful cloud shot as well.

  13. Great actionpictures, it´s really hard to catch them in the act so to speak and you did it very well. And it´s an awesome heaven!

  14. Hi Tammy,
    Great action shots. Glad to hear they won their game. Baseball is getting ready to start here. The kids are all signing up. Have a great day!


  15. Great shots! The head shot is awesome! The clouds are gorgeous!

  16. Thanks everyone for the kind comments! 🙂

  17. I love it when you post pictures of your boys. These are great action shots. The clouds are spectacular, also.

  18. Yay it’s soccer season again!! Great action shots and beautiful sky.

  19. Great action shots of your boys. The clouds are spectacular.

  20. Beautiful capture…must have been an awesome sight!
    Looks like a fun game too!

  21. Great action pics! The clouds are amazing. I love when they have that pink glow.

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