70. Neglected

This poor old mailbox needs some TLC…

Camera: Canon XSI, Shot in Aperature mode, Lens:  55-250mm, Focal Length:  100mm, Aperture F/5,  Shutter Speed 1/160, ISO 100      Processed in PSE:  Adj levels, cropped


~ by Tammy on April 6, 2010.

11 Responses to “70. Neglected”

  1. Surely… but in this state it offers such wonderful texture and you’ve captured all well. Iike the new nail at the top of the roof… which neglected to hold on to the missing slate.

  2. It’s got a lot more character than most, though! It definitely needs some TLC…

  3. It looks a bit worn out and needs to be given a little freshen up. But a good picture where you see the texture, the worn surface well.

  4. wonderfully naturally aged but need som looking after

  5. Don’t do anything to it except photograph it. Freshening would take away all the Patina and Charm. (Much Like Myself)

  6. Charming textures and colors, even if they do stem from neglect.

  7. With the mossy roof and weathered wood it looks like a tiny woodland fairy house!

  8. definitely needs some TLC and some scrubbing — well maybe a rebuild..I bet it was really cute when it was first done. I like the textures and colors as well.

  9. Great textures here. I love your close crop.The lichen on the roof is great.

  10. Nice shot. The different textures really stand out. The crop works quite well.

  11. I thought it was a bird house. But it looks good and weathered and worn out. Nice find.

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