67. One

Happy April first everyone….what better way to start out the month than using the theme ONE!  My husband and I walked the dogs at the Missouri River today and  came across this guy.  He was looking at the dogs like it was dinner time (April Fools Chloe and Bogy LOL)!    I think he was asking us “Got Nuts?”

Camera: Canon XSI, Shot in Manual mode, Lens:  55-250mm, Focal Length:  250mm, Aperture F/14,  Shutter Speed 1/300, ISO 100      Processed in PSE:  Adj levels, dodged and burned a bit, sharpened


~ by Tammy on April 1, 2010.

22 Responses to “67. One”

  1. There is Rocket J Sqirrel – Pull back so we can see Bullwinkle and Boris and natasha.

    • I love that show! 🙂 It does kinda look like Rocket…

      • photoshop in the flying goggles and you got it! Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat, – Don’t know my own srengff

  2. Wonderful sharp shot. I can see the sharp claws and tha’t is is a male 😉

  3. Great picture! These guys aren´t that easy to catch so good in a picture! Well done!

  4. Beautiful shot Tammy! He is interesting..looks like a red and fray squirrel crossed paths…we only have gray or black squirrels here…and they hate each other.

  5. Cute! Nice closeup. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that close. What did the dogs think of him?

  6. Tammy we see these guys all the time but they never stay in one place long enough to get that kind of shot — what a wonderful image!

  7. Great closeup and details, love the look on his face too!

  8. Superb image . . . I think it’s a boy!

    Seriously, though, great shot. The sharpness is great.

  9. Great shot Tammy, so close, and funny we all notice he’s a boy. LOL He was looking right at you, I love squirrels.

  10. Another great animal shot! You have this remrakable ability to capture their personalities.

  11. I am amazed, because using ISO 100 a 1/300 and f/14, even in direct sunlight, I would have suspect you would be under exposed but 1 1/3 stops and that being said the image of this little blighter is exceptional. Well done.

  12. Hi Tammy,
    Cute little guy! He’s hanging on to that branch by his toe nails. Great shot! Have a great day!


  13. You have such a knack for photographing animals!! This is such a fabulous closeup. I think the little guy needs a manicure!!

  14. Great shot. I love how he is just waiting for you to get done with the shot so he can move on.

  15. Nice shot – I like how he’s looking right at you!

  16. What a great shot of a squirrel! the clarity is wonderful. I wonder what he is thinking?

  17. It’s the squirrel’s hands that I’m most amazed at! I guess I never realized that they had so much definition, although when you watch then flying from branch to branch it makes sense.

    Very impressive shot. You have an eye for the animal shots.

  18. You do make such great critter shots and I love that there are Rocky & Bullwinkle quotes in this post.
    “Fan mail from some flounder?”

  19. Oh, that’s just the cutest “one”! I like the look in his face. Awesome Tammy!

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