65. Mime Art

Went to the home show at the Qwest Center and this Mime Art was out front…another try at HDR….3 shots w/ +2 and -2 exposure meters and processed in Photomatix and Lightroom.


~ by Tammy on March 26, 2010.

36 Responses to “65. Mime Art”

  1. Love Mime, One of the best Movie moments for me was to have Marcel marceau, have the only speaking lines in mel Brook’s Silent Movie. Great Cartoon Effect, and the reflections are to die for, especially the large silver one behind him. Bravo!

  2. Wow! That is a very intriguing mime. I love the way you captured all the metallic textures and reflections.

  3. What a great shot. So much to look at. Art at its best. Love it.

  4. Great job, Tam. You’re getting really good at this.

  5. Wow Tammy !!! From the reflections in the windows and globes to the lifelike Mime, this is a winner!! Love the detail!!

  6. Tammy – I like the fact that, instead of bemoaning the fact that we live in Omaha, you go out and find great shots like this.

    • I don’t bemoan Omaha at all, if we look around there is beauty everywhere! Thanks Doug for stopping by my blog – I appreciate it!

  7. Tammy, you did a fantastic job both with setting up the shot and the processing. I love this! One of my favorites of the Photowalk!

  8. Thanks for all of your kind comments!

  9. Excellent HDR shot. Perfect subject!

  10. Great HDR and prcessing and perfect subject too. This is one of your best shot.

  11. Hi Tammy,
    He looks so real! Great shot and processing. Have a great day!


  12. Mime artists are generally really good at their work, and you did a good work catching him in the act.

  13. You captured a lot in this image. Shapes, colors, lines, reflections and great HDR!!

  14. great shot!

  15. Wow Tammy, this is fantastic! A frame is needed here…

  16. There’s no much to love here–the metallic loo, the remarkable reflections, the pose and the expression on the mime. It’s a phot that captuers and KEEPS one’s attention.

  17. Wow, mimes can be so off putting and I hate/love qwest. This is extraordinary Tammy!

  18. You can post these all day long as far as I am concerned! This series is just stunning, Tammy! I would think they would love them as posters!

  19. Great image! The HDR works well with it. I love the reflections in all the balls. Really nice job!

  20. Perfect composition, need I say more 😉

  21. Congratulations on being picked as the PET IOW, it is a winner!!

  22. I was just talking to a photographer friend of mine today. We were discussing the merits of HRD. We agreed that while it is a great tool but some times the push is too great. I said that some times the push is needed depending on the subject. These last two image of your are living proof that when it comes to HDR you can push the bounds. Both are absolutely wonderful images and the post treatment is stunningly beautiful. Well done!

    • Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting Grant…I really appreciate your nice words! 🙂

  23. I love those round balls and the reflections in the balls and in the windows. This could fit a reflection theme. The colors are beautiful.

  24. Your HDRs are getting better rapidly. Good luck that he stayed so still for you.

  25. I agree Tammy this is a trur favourite for me too 🙂

  26. Amazing photo Tammy!!!

  27. very nice shot….nice art work in HDR

  28. Thanks for reposting this as your favorite for March. I viewed it the first time but didn’t leave a note. I am amazed that you can find such interesting images and boost the color to make them even better. I haven’t tried this kind of HDR or Topaz effects, so must put them on my list of things to do when I have time.

  29. I’m glad you posted this for the show and tell too because I realize I missed some of the details the first time I looked. Again, congrats on an excellent image…

  30. Much has already been said here. This is exquisite, Tammy! As one commenter pointed out, so much going on here from the window reflection, to the orb reflections and the statue itself, which I had to look hard at to decide it *was* a statue! And as another said, this surely should be framed. And I have to agree with another commenter: Even though you have produced some pretty spectacular photos, this is my all-time favorite!! 😀

    Enlarge this and find a fitting frame and hang it where it can be appreciated!!!

  31. For sure my favorite of favorites!! Just an awesome image!

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