58. Grand Canyon HDR Style

This is a picture from last summer’s Grand Canyon vacation….still trying to learn photomatix and did this from a single image and created 2 other images +2 & -2 in Lightroom.  Anyways, this is what I came up with….I took this picture at sunset and the canyon really was this bright (it was amazing)….pictures really doesn’t do it justice.


~ by Tammy on March 17, 2010.

25 Responses to “58. Grand Canyon HDR Style”

  1. You know I like HDR, and I like this but it leaves me with a feeling of Deja Plus (Afeeling that I have been here before – but that it was better last time) is this a repeat posting or just imaginitis?

    • I posted tons from that trip, but not this one yet…but they all begin to look alike LOL Just playing w/ photomatix and thought this might be a good image for the effect.

      • Wasn’t a complaint, just a query, good to see I am not the only one to turn out darkclouds with that software.

      • I am wondering if I didn’t add too much black to the image…I tried lightening them but then it looked wash out…if you figure out the solution let me know!

  2. mighty with great color and depth. Would absolutely like to go there!

  3. Gorgeous!

  4. Stunning! What more can I say? 🙂

  5. Wow! Fabulous job! I think you could use a bit more contrast in the back rock formations and maybe a touch less in the sky. I usually go back to make final adjustments in LR after processing in Photomatix. Why don’t you take the finished image back into LR (it might already be there depending on how you have your export settings) and use the graduated adjustment tool to reduce the contrast in the sky? And then the adjustment brush to add some to the rocks in the background.

  6. That is one cool image Tammy!!!

  7. Awesome! What a dizzying depths it is in the picture. Standing makes it even more dramatic. Warm and cold colors enhances the depth of the image. Very good! Well done!

  8. Tammy spectacular! I do think Julie gave you some great information with the two videos.

  9. This just GLOWS! I can feel the heat of the sun on my neck and that sesne of wonder that comes with being in wide spaces like this where what the eyes see is almost too fantastic to believe.

  10. I really like this, and I think it’s pretty good for a one image HDR (how do you not have a massive noise problem – I’m jealous).

    I also think Julie made some excellent suggestions. You can also just paint on negative contrast, no need to use the gradient tool.

    And yes, the gradient tool and the adjustment brush are probably the best LR has to offer. They’re pretty awesome.

    • Oh, if you look close there is definitely noise…It was most evident in the sky so I smoothed it out a bit. As always, thanks for your comments they are always appreciated!

  11. It looks magnificent! I´d love to visit it some day – of course with my camera hanging along 🙂

  12. I haven’t been and live pretty close. I love seeing photos of it’s grandness! I love the idea of HDR for it even though it seems like a very mild use of it here…

    Great vacation I bet!

  13. A fabulous picture. I love the crop. The HDR processing works well on this image.

  14. Sure came out great, Tammy! The gold color really jumps out. What a trip that must have been.

  15. This is beautiful, Tammy! There so much depth in the photo!

  16. Total gorgeous. I so want to go there and photograph

  17. Everyone used up the words already! Beautiful

  18. OMIG, I have to get to the Grand Canyon with my camera. So beautiful and you did bring out some detail with the HDR. Good for you for photographing in the beautiful light of day.

  19. What a beautiful image! The HDR helps bring out all the detail. What great light! The Grand Canyon is a wonderful destination!

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