56. Stacked

I never really looked at a grasshopper close up, but look at all of those buggy details!  Kinda cool!

Camera: Canon XSI, Shot in Aperature mode, Lens:  55-250mm, Focal Length:  171mm, Aperture F/5.6,  Shutter Speed 1/60, ISO 400      Processed in PSE8, adj levels


~ by Tammy on March 15, 2010.

31 Responses to “56. Stacked”

  1. Tammy! You win on the coming up with the most unique “stack!”

    I can’t believe the colors and the details that you’ve captured here. Another National Geographic candidate.

  2. Tammy, this is a wonderful shot. I love everything about it. Well done.

  3. Great clarity a nd colour on your STACKED Procreation shot Tammy- LOL Only You if I posted that the whole world would complain. This is even funnier than Karens Wild Turkey snap of me!

  4. Amazing capture Tammy!! Stunning!!!

  5. Stunning! Gret job to the theme:-)

  6. All I can say is, WOW!! Great capture! When I opened my email and saw that picture, I said Wow! I thought maybe you had gotten a macro lens. 🙂

  7. Great image! The clarity is wonderful. I agree that is a unique stacked image!

  8. What an amazing shot. The detail and color are great. As well as the composition. I love the slight blur in the background.

  9. Cool! I love the color and detail. Did you hand-hold at 1/60 with a focal length of 171? That’s pretty incredible sharpness if you did!

    • Hand held….I am so bad at using a tri pod, I know I need to get in a habit of doing so, but, so far it’s not working LOL Thanks Julie!

  10. Well I guess the site censors took the day off. LOL Just an awesome shot Tammy, well done!!

    • You and Ron, Jens! 🙂 You know, when I posted that I didn’t even think anything about it, then I get Ron’s comment. After that I called my husband in and asked him about it, and he started laughing calling my blog a “porn” site. LOL

  11. Incredible detail, very nice take on the theme

  12. Ok, I have to ask, how did you come across this? Were you out looking for stacked grasshoppers, or did you just get lucky? LOL

    Well done, the colors and clarity are striking. I guess I’ve never looked that closely at a grasshopper before.

  13. Wonderful detail indeed. Well seen and shot!

  14. This is amazing! very cool. I love how the two grasshoppers are mirrored in the two branches down below.

  15. Just amazing–I can’t make any comments that would do this justice. How on earth did you manage to sneak up on them?

    • I didn’t sneak, they didn’t seem to mind me flashing away at all…LOL, as Ron pointed out “I think they were busy” LOL

  16. there was one hanging out in my garage the other day. I didn’t get any pictures but watched it for a while. Your pic is great!

  17. A little X-rated, but great details. It is a gorgeous picture with great bokeh.

  18. Gorgeous shot Tammy.

  19. You can’t get much better for the theme and a wonderfully crisp shot. lol… must be spring!

  20. My first thought after “great picture” was “what is Ron going to say about this one!” The only thing funnier is that you were standing there (in your own words) FLASHING them! LOL Absolutely terrific photo.

  21. Even though I’m posting a comment a long while after-the-fact, gotta say that my mind immediately went to where Ron’s went. lol This kind of activity between insects is not what I would have even considered note-worthy in the “farming” world where I’ve been most of my life. Even though it is a natural occurrence. I might would have found one eating something as note-worthy enough to snap – because one State (can’t remember which) has complained a siege may be in the offing due to the amount that are currently on the ground. But fear you now have a unique reputation, Tammy! 😀

    • LOL Iona, now I have to live up to that reputation, huh?? You must be feeling a little better since you are out and about…hope you continue to feel that way! 🙂 Great hearing from you!

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