55. Disorder

Large ice blocks are causing havoc on the Platte River.  Many residents along the river have been told to pack up and leave for a few days as flooding is expected with the ice damming which is occurring in the river.  The first image is a picture of tons of ice blocks sitting along the river side(this was under water just last week)….and the next picture is of an ice formation on one of the ice blocks.  And finally, the third image is of Ryan standing on the ice block just so you can get an idea of how big these ice blocks are.  It is so weird to finally be able to see green grass and still see the river in some places covered with ice.   I guess on the positive side one good thing is coming from all of this disorder….Spring is around the corner!

Camera: Canon XSI, Shot in Aperature mode, Lens:  55-250mm, Focal Length:  70 mm, Aperture F/14,  Shutter Speed:  1/40 and 2 others at +2 & -2 exposure , ISO 100     Processed  in photomatix using 3 images then transferred to lightroom for basic edits


~ by Tammy on March 14, 2010.

19 Responses to “55. Disorder”

  1. Great series, Tammy! Nice way to show the severity of the situation. I never realized the river was so wide. I thought it was a shallow not very wide stream from what I was able to view in the times we were through there. Perhaps I am remembering the wrong fork?? lol Nice work.

    • Usually this is a very shallow river in this area, but with all of the snow and recent rains we have had it has definitely filled up and gone over it’s sides….I wouldn’t consider this a narrow river, but there is definitely more water in it than usual.

  2. Gosh that scary. My sister showed what can happen with this ice as she lives by one of the great lakes. Hey, be safe.

    • We live a safe distance from here (about 7 miles)…but the poor residents are going to be bailing some water when they get back to their homes.

  3. Very interesting pictures, a bit scary to think of those huge chunks of ice coming at your home. I like that you had someone stand in so you have some comparison in size.

  4. I hope it all works out fine, looks bleary.

  5. Saw lots of flooded cornfields on the drive home….hope that river stays where it belongs.

  6. Wow, I have never seen anything like this. The ice is so thick. I can see how it would cause problems for the locals.

  7. The forces of nature is really rough, and not to be underestimated so I think it´s a good thing to evacuate those who lives nearby .

  8. Ottawa is situated where two rivers meet. Here, flooding is controlled by a pretty extensive flood control operation. They use ice booms in the fall to control the ice formation and then controlled breakup of the ice in the spring using dynamite. Nice shots to show the size of the ice chunks.

    • Julie, can you take some photos for me? I have never seen this before (or walked on ice) so I find it very interesting.

    • They never do much about the flooding around here, but this is a rarity for this area…we usually don’t get that much snow. So far so good…the river hasn’t touched the houses yet in our area, but up north they are saying it is much worse.

  9. Hi Tammy,
    I’ve been hearing about your water problems on the news. Hope you aren’t in the way of all that water. Great pictures, and I am also seeing some signs of spring here. Have a great day!


  10. Those are some cold, angry pictures! I’m surprised to see Ryan in shirt sleeves! Maybe because it so cold and damp here. Your rain must have moved East!

    • LOL…both of my sons wear short sleeves and usually shorts all year round…I don’t get it…You can tell it’s cold because he actually has sweats on 🙂 Gotta love those boys!

  11. Mother Nature is so hard to figure out. Those blocks of ice are incredible. It’s nice to see Ryan in short sleeves even if he is standing on all that ice!!

  12. These are great shots. I love the detail and composition in the closeup. Short sleeves … Spring is on it’s way :O)

  13. Nice pictorial display of the ice blocks and the river. I think we must have ticked Mother Nature off big tie given the bizarre weather we have had this winter.

  14. Fascinating series, those blocks are huge.

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