52. Old Fashioned

If we still used these old cash registers we would be in line forever!  I included the color image for all of those “color only” people!  🙂    I usually go for the black and white, but in this case I think I like the color better.  Which do you prefer?

Camera: Canon XSI, Shot in Manual mode, Lens:  55-250mm, Focal Length:  55mm, Aperture F/5.6,  Shutter Speed 1/25, ISO 400      Processed in PSE8, adj levels, cropped, topaz adjust-mild setting, changed to black and white, added a brown fill level above that and used the soft light blend mode & adjusted the opacity.


~ by Tammy on March 9, 2010.

25 Responses to “52. Old Fashioned”

  1. There was a British Comedy show called Open all hours, starring Ronnie Barker, in which one of those used to try and eat his hand everytime, he tried toput money in the till. Love the colour for the age it portrays.

  2. It´s a great shot either way 🙂

  3. That color really just jumps right off the page! A wonderful specimen! What a lovely patina! The B&W simply does not do it justice.

  4. wonderful old machine and one thing about those they always work, now its catastrophy when the computers are out of order….. the pone with color that shows the wonderful wood is best!!

  5. This captures time, I like the color photo too, I think because it has been so well preserved. The color photo brings out the details in the wood more, you just don’t see many things with this kind of intricate work anymore.

  6. I vote for color as well. It’s so rich looking!

  7. Hi Tammy,
    I like them both. I like the b & w because it lets you imagine the color, but the color one has that rich red color of the wood. Have a great day!


  8. I like the color… there is such a rich, old fashion color to the wood. For some reason new things don’t look like this unless someone as “aged” them. Also, the color helps accentuate the metal key pad.

    I think that black and white photos can be very beautiful, but there isn’t enough contrast in this one to make it work.

    Excellent choice for the theme… your color photo captures the feel of looking at this antique.

  9. I remember using one just like this, enjoyed pushing all the buttons and pulling the levers to get it to work. Sure don’t make them like they use to. I like that you put you camera info on your photos. Don’t know which photo I lake best, it’s a toss up.

    Barb P from group C

  10. Love them both Tammy. The B&W shows the numbers a bit better on the keys. Many, many, many years ago when I was a curtesy clerk at Safeway, it always amazed me how the “checkers” could remember the all the food prices.

  11. Great find for the theme! I actually prefer the color photo better, but they’re both good.

  12. Great find for the theme. It brings back some memories for me. As a teenager I used to work in a babywear shop. I like the colour photo best.

  13. Mmmm, I like them both, but the warmth of the wood really shines through on the color shot.

  14. I like the warmth of the wood and the way it makes the keys more prominant.

  15. I opt for the B&W–to me, it adds to the antique ambiance.

  16. I like both. B&W makes it seem more old fashioned, but I love the colour and shine of the second.

  17. Without the color image, the b&w would be a great example of old fashioned. The color is just so rich and warm that I think it really enhances the photo.

  18. I’ll not choose but the warmth of the wood is great. Very cool

  19. I love this old machine. I think that I like the black and white better. It shows off the keys.

  20. Predictably, as I run screaming from actually creating any black and white images, I like the color MUCH better.

  21. I like the keys in B&W, but the rich wood tones really pop in the color image. So, I’m wishy-washy. They both are great.

  22. Great old cash register. The PP on the first image really makes it look we are in an old time candy store. Beautifully done.

  23. The sepia tone works great on this old cash register. The color shot is just as good, but I like the monotone version! Good thinking and interpretation of theme.

  24. B&W for me…love it! Do you own this beauty? Would love to see some macro shots of the keys etc…go on..get in close lady! LOL

  25. What a great catch. I am a B&W person but I must say I really like to color image better. The grains in the wood show up so much more vivid.

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