46. Blessing

Today our zoo introduced their newest addition to the jungle, a Maylayan tapir….this little guy was born on December 6, 2009 and is a true blessing since  Maylayan Tapirs are on the endangered species list.  I just love the little spots on the baby…he will slowly loose his markings and look like his mom…he kinda has the shape of a watermelon with legs!  LOL

And here is another baby who is quite camera shy…every time I pointed the camera at him he hid behind his mama!  Isn’t he cute?  These are Francois Langurs and are always quite playful.  When my camera was down this little boy was busy poking his mom and pulling her hair and as soon as my camera went up he was hiding!  He was really keeping an eye on me!


~ by Tammy on March 3, 2010.

20 Responses to “46. Blessing”

  1. Two Joyeous Gorgeous, Blessings indeed. Wonderful to see, and the petrified Primate noticing you just goes to prove that Honest Abe, knew his onions: You can fool some of the primates all the time, and all the primates some of the time, but that baby ain’t no Monkey.

  2. What fabulous babies, that langur shot is especially fantastic!

  3. These are wonderful! Amazing how babies are cute no matter how eggplant shape they might be… and the baby Langur is perfect. Of course, that is my emotional response. Looking at the Langur photo itself, I like the way that you have left the animals and the tree be in the lower foreground and the spacious background. Sometimes it is good not to fill the whole space.

  4. Wonderful blessings! I especially love the baby hiding behind it’s mother but peaking at you, so detailed too.

  5. I’ve always like tapirs. We raised pigs when I was growing up and they remind me of them. Nothing is cuter as a baby. This one is too!
    I had never heard of a langur. That baby is the cutest thing I have seen. What a super portrait, Tam. Classic captures!!

  6. Super! Too bad the baby doesn’t keep his markings. He is soooo cute. And the Langur too. That face on the mama Langur is priceless! Swell shots.

  7. You have such a knack with shooting animals, Tammy. I think I can see an African photo safari in your future. 😉

    These are both really special shots. I especially like the langurs – the way you placed them in the frame and the nicely blurred background are great. Did you try lightening the upper half of the mommy langur’s face a bit?

    • I would love an African Safari – how cool would that be? Actually, no I did not try to lighten her face, but probably should have a bit…I see I forgot to put my specs under the pic – I just mostly did level adjustments and sharpening on both of these.

  8. Babies of any species are blessings! I really like both of the images. The second one is my favorite as the baby peeks out over the mom.

  9. never seen a tapir that small and I did not know they were spotted at first . the punky-monkeys are lovely, good catch!
    As you can see – Im back in business bloggong again 🙂

  10. Hi Tammy,
    They are both beautiful babies! Great shots. Glad to see you finally got one of the little guy playing peek-a-boo with you. Have a great day!


  11. Those are some great shots Tammy. Love the one peeking over the top.

  12. SO adorable!! You are lucky to have a big zoo so close by! Your animal shots are always wonderful.

  13. Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

  14. The first baby is very precious, but that baby in the bottome photo is just wonderful. That is a great picture. It is a prize winner for sure!

  15. That little face is just adorable!!!

  16. Oh, Tammy, I am running out of superlatives! I showed these picture to my husband who said, “Wow. A regular person [as oppesed to a professional] took those pictures? Tell her even I’m impressed.” Just unbelieveably personable!

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