43. Feminine

Couldn’t decide which picture to use for this theme…so…the first picture is of one of my roses which is quickly fading after Valentine’s Day.  Look how beautiful and feminine it still looks even as it fades (textures by Skeletal Mess).

And this next picture is of the only other girl in my household…Chloe!  Even with just the two of us, we still have GIRL power!


~ by Tammy on February 23, 2010.

18 Responses to “43. Feminine”

  1. And teeth, watch out boys they bite, the rose too! LOL

  2. Both images look feminist. I like the upper image is best because you have chosen a color that can not associate directly to feminsism.

  3. Love those SM textures!

    What a sweet little feminine face, peeking out at us. Great processing on both of these!

  4. So interesting about the difference of what one sees when you don’t know the subject. Close to dinner time at my house and waiting for the dinner bell to ring. So viewing the blogs I haven’t seen I arrive here and think I am seeing CHOCOLATE! And it turns out to be a rose! Now that I know what it is, no way for it to be candy. However, I really do like the photo of the rose and happy to know there are two females in your home to fight the battles.

  5. I love the rose, the colors and the texture. I’m glad to hear there is another female in your household to back you up!

  6. Love the picture of Chloe, but the rose picture is outstanding. The texture and processing are wonderful.

  7. I love the rose: it has such a mysterious antique effect due to the textures, the toning and the vignette.

  8. I like your choices for feminine, Tammy. Nice selection and PP on the rose. Now, Chloe is definitely feminine without having to tell us. Look at that fancy hair-do! Our little Baby had a couple of her baby teeth that refused to fall out. We had to take her to a doggie vet dentist or her teeth would have wound up very crooked and her bite would have been off making it difficult to eat. I notice your baby has a bite problem. Is it because her baby teeth didn’t fall out too. The vet said that was a common problem with the Shih-tzu’s.

    • Chloe is the Lhasa Apso…and she did loose all of her baby teeth, they just came in crooked and w/ an under bite……….very common in this breed as well. Bogy (my shih tzu) has the same problem…nothing like taking your dogs to the dentist LOL

  9. You did a beautiful job with the rose Tammy! How creative! I just tossed mine tonight without a thought of doing anything else with them. Chloe is so cute! and her fur looks so silky smooth. She looks like a good cuddler!

  10. thanks everyone for the generous comments!

  11. While the rose is beautiful and delicate with some great detail Chloe gets my vote. She is adorable!!

    I’ll check out the HDR video.thanks!!

  12. Great work with the texture and the rose, the tones are lovely. Your Chloe always looks so sweet, wonderful sharpness in her eyes.

  13. Tammy that rose image is beautiful. Very nicely done.


  14. Beautiful. Both of them :O) Chloe is a cutie and the processing on the flowers make it have a Victorian feel.

  15. Ha! I used my god’s image for the feminine title also…like you she and I are alone in the house…and she always sides with her dad…HRUMPH!

  16. that should be my DOG and not my GOD’s images that I used…altho she is a bit of a goddess in her own mind LOL

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