39. Geometric

This is the fountain gallery at Joselyn Art Museum (behind the fountain is the opposite wall of arched windows  I did for the theme  five – it is pretty much identical in appearance).   I loved the bright colors and was drawn to all of the basic shapes in this image.

Camera: Canon XSI, Shot in Manual mode, Lens:  18-55mm, Focal Length:  18mm, Aperture F/3.5,  Shutter Speed 1/25, ISO 800     Processed in PSE8:  Adjusted levels, cropped, topaz adjust- spicify (lowered opacity to 75%), topaz detail-interior (lowered opacity to 50%), some cloning


~ by Tammy on February 19, 2010.

14 Responses to “39. Geometric”

  1. What vibrant colors! This must be a joy to visit and view personally. I love all the detail of the brick and tile work. Nice job!

  2. Fantastic image Tammy! That fountain is something else. Wow

  3. Oh wow, how beautiful! It has everything, shape, texture, pattern and gorgeous colour. Perfect for this theme!

  4. Beautiful, both colours and shapes and textures.

  5. Don’t know if I like the WoW colours of the Fountain mosaics or the Wow Texture of the floor tiles most, both wonderful and they almost make you forgett he geometrical aspects that we are supposed to be concentrating on. Another great shot.

  6. Great shot and PP. Love the bright colors and mosaic of the fountain.

  7. I like that the floor seems endless while it’s leading up to everything else.

  8. Wonderful image, that fountain is a beauty. The colors and tiles are amazing.

  9. I think this is geometric, algebraic and any other -ic!!! Surely a testament to mathematical engineering and art!

  10. What a fabulous image, I love the warm glowing color and the tiles all have such a pleasing geometry, nicely shot and processed!

  11. I really like the composition of this image, however, I’m not sure I love what Topaz Adjust has done with it. For me I think I’d like the foreground a little less bright and colorful, so that it doesn’t grab the eye quite so much.

  12. I really like this one, I find that I keep coming back to it….it is beautiful!

  13. This looks like a grand hotel. Amazing colors and shapes in the tile patterns. Wonderful balance and depth.

  14. I didn’t realize the arches were the same as your previous shot until I clicked on the link to view the earlier version. I like the meditative quality of the “five” shot best. The intense colors are eye-catching in the later shot but it looks to me as if the processing pushed the intensity a lot. Is it really that orange or is it the processing that makes it pop so much?

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