38. Glass Revisited (Friday Photowalk Tip)

Thought I better throw this in since we will be getting another photo tip tomorrow.  At the Joselyn Art Museum there were a few chihuly glass sculptures…

Here is the whole sculpture

And here is a part of the sculpture….

Which do you prefer?  As much as I love the whole sculpture, I really like the colors and textures in the close up of a section of the sculpture.


~ by Tammy on February 18, 2010.

21 Responses to “38. Glass Revisited (Friday Photowalk Tip)”

  1. You’ll get turned into stone, taking photos of Medussa’s Hairdo, or is that a wig? The Hippy era has a lot to answer for.

  2. That is just so beautiful. I can’t decide which image that I like better. The whole is great, but the part is great, too. Decisions, decisions.

  3. I saw something similar to this at the Bellagio in Vegas. Very colorful

  4. I prefer the last one. It¨s a great close ups from you.

  5. I love Chihuly’s work. It’s so beautiful, colorful and unique. While I like the entire sculpture I do have to say my favorite is the close up. It shows off all the lines, textures and gorgeous detail.

  6. At screen size the close up is the more amazing but I love seeing the whole piece. Nicely done! Mike’s reference is Chihuly too.

  7. Both… you need to see the whole to understand the close-up and the close-up to understand the whole.

  8. Tough call because they are both so different. But I think I prefer the symmetry of the top one.

  9. That is beautiful. I love all the colors. It looks like it is defying gravity in the full shot. Wonderful textures in the glass. Nice close up. What a unique sculpture.

  10. Both images are wonderful Tammy. I wouldn’t choose one or the either, they are different perspectives and you want them both. The close-up of course features the gorgeous colours and shapes. Super work!

  11. I’m glad you showed us both views, but my preference is for the close up – there is so much detail to capture the imagination. By the way, I think they installed that in a very tricky spot for getting a good exposure on the wide view. Never think of the photographers, do they? 😉

    • I took the wide view over and over again at different time during the afternoon and never could get it right…I think a night shot would be ideal (although they are not open at night – go figure)! Just have to get myself invited to a wedding or some other night function there!

  12. Interesting shots, but I do like the second one better. The colors and details show up much better. In the first shot, I would not have known it was glass if you hadn’t said anything. Love all the different ways they shaped the glass. If you’re ever in upstate NY, be sure to visit the Corning glass factory and watch them blow the glass.

  13. totally unique!

  14. I like the close up, the details and the colors are amazing. Would love to see it.

  15. The whole shot is amazing, but the close up speaks volumes in really giving you the textures and colors in depth.

  16. great!!!!!!!!

  17. Wow, Tammy! Great shot to get all of this wonderful glass sculpture. I saw a documentary on this artist once. It was so interesting to watch them blow these amazing shapes. Wonderful capture!

  18. I like the second photo better, as we can really see the subject clearly. My mother went to school with Chihuly, he’s a pretty amazing artist.

  19. What wonderful shots. I love the colour, detail and shapes in the second one. But I think you do need to the first shot to put it all in perspective.

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